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China Is Upset About The Death Of A 14-Year-Old Confined To A Covid Quarantine!!!

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China Updates: Here Is The Latest World News Update Today About: China is incensed about the death of a 14-year-old girl quarantined at Covid-19.

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In China, the family of a 14-year-old girl who died after being placed in a Covid-19 quarantine centre is suing for justice, claiming that they were denied access to medical care.

The 14-year-old Guo JinJin became feverish two days after being brought to the centre in Ruzhou, Henan province, last Friday.

In China, which continues to maintain rigorous pandemic controls, videos showing her shaking and convulsing on a bed caused an online outcry.


The allegations and the death of Guo Jinjin, whose cause is still unknown, have not yet been addressed by officials who were approached by the BBC.

Guo Lele, her father, claimed in his video that the center’s staff had neglected to treat JinJin as her condition deteriorated.

He said in a video posted to the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, Douyin, that she had started to “convulse, dehydrate, and shake” on Sunday.

He claimed in the video, which was extensively circulated before it was removed in some locations, that the medical staff at the centre did nothing to help her.

In the last 48 hours, the censorship of Guo’s video as well as one by JinJin’s aunt pleading for justice has increased.

In a video that shows him standing next to his daughter’s body, he says, “I’m asking the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and Discipline Inspection Commission to come down and look into the Ruzhou government’s neglect and restore my daughter’s life back!”

With the help of a different relative, the BBC was able to authenticate JinJin’s passing and the circumstances surrounding it.

The ninth-grader was admitted to Ruzhou No. 4 Hospital that night after they discovered that her condition had rapidly deteriorated on Monday afternoon. She couldn’t have been saved because by that point she was in a terrible condition.

JinJin’s passing and the circumstances surrounding it have sparked an online uproar, with people venting their rage over how she was treated and denouncing President Xi Jinping’s Covid-19 policies, which are unpopular with many Chinese citizens.

“I’m really enraged. Why didn’t they merely administer a pill to her? “Someone posted. Added another “It’s always been this way. Nothing is going to change.”

A bus accident in September that claimed the lives of 27 persons as they were being transported to a quarantine facility was mentioned by some.

A “media blackout” at this week’s crucial Communist Party session, where Xi’s term is anticipated to be extended, according to some users, is to blame for the case’s lack of coverage in Chinese media.

Official comments have not yet been made by Ruzhou city officials. A spokesperson admitted to knowing about the situation personally but declining to comment on behalf of his superiors to the BBC on Thursday.

Officials from the local Communist Party failed to answer to questions from the BBC, requesting that they “please wait for an official declaration.”

According to Covid-19 regulations in China, everyone who is infected or has a close contact with one must be taken to a state-run quarantine facility.

It’s unclear if JinJin had Covid-19 or if the quarantine facility held her because she was a contact.

The family member reported that JinJin had been brought to a quarantine facility built up in a nearby school and placed in a different building from her father.

There are hundreds of additional kids being kept in these facilities throughout the region, many of whom have been cut off from their families.

The BBC has received reports from four further families claiming to have lost contact with their young children, some of whom are as young as seven and eight, who are being held in isolation at different institutions.

One mother, Mrs. Lu, told the BBC that after spending days in a centre, her 12-year-old son was afraid and in pain.

“My child is no longer able to take it. Authorities are preventing them from going back. He’s such a little child, he can’t handle spending so much time alone in one room, “To the BBC, she spoke.

Mr. Zhu, a different parent, told the BBC that after learning of JinJin’s death, he and other parents were even more disturbed.

The BBC has received reports from parents expressing their deep concern about the facilities’ environment and the inadequate care provided to youngsters there. Such facilities are infamous for having inadequate staff and supplies.

There have also been numerous instances this year of people not receiving adequate medical care in the centres due to the lack of doctors allocated to such locations.

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