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China Eastern Plane Crash Likely Intentional, Us Report Say: Latest Updates!!!

China Eastern Plane Crash Updates: According to a Wall Street Journal story, the black box for the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed in March, killing 132 people on board, reveals that someone in the Boeing 737’s cockpit purposefully nosedived. On March 21, a Boeing 737800 plane crashed in the hills near Wuzhou, China, after plummeting 30,000 feet in a near-vertical dive in less than three minutes.

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According to the report, data from a black box recovered from the incident suggests that inputs to the controls pushed the jet into a deadly plunge. “The plane did what it was directed to do by someone in the cockpit,” according to a source familiar with the early investigation, which also includes an examination of data from the damaged flight data recorder. According to data recovered from a black box at the crash scene, inputs were purposefully fed into the controls that caused the plane’s catastrophic nosedive.


And it’s uncertain whether investigators will be able to recover any data from it. Boeing and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) declined to comment, referring queries to Chinese authorities. A request for comment was not immediately returned by China’s Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC), which is handling the inquiry.

On Wednesday, screenshots of the Wall Street Journal piece seemed to be restricted on China’s Weibo social media site as well as the WeChat messaging service. Weibo has blocked the hashtag topics “China Eastern” and “China Eastern black boxes,” citing a legal violation, and users can’t exchange posts on the incident in WeChat groups.

The CAAC stated the internet rumours of a purposeful crash had “gravely deceived the public” and “interfered with the accident investigation process” in a statement released on April 11 in reaction to the rumours.

China Eastern Plane Crash

On Wednesday, a lady who lost her husband in the crash, who only wanted to be recognised by her surname, Wen, said she had not seen the Wall Street Journal piece but hoped the investigation’s findings would be disclosed soon.

Wen went on to state that she and other members of the victims’ families had signed a contract with China Eastern that included a compensation clause, but she wouldn’t specify how much they were offered.

Chinese investigators made no technical recommendations for the 737800, which has been in service since 1997 and has a good safety record, according to experts, in a summary of an unpublished preliminary crash report last month.

NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy stated in a May 10 interview with Reuters that board investigators and Boeing had travelled to China to help the Chinese inquiry, which had discovered no safety issues requiring immediate action.


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