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Chapelwaite Season 1: Release Date Update, Characters & More

Chapelwaite Season 1 Inspired by one short story titled under the name of “Jerusalem’s Lot” by an American author Stephen King, who is known for his works within the genre concerning Horror, Supernatural Fiction, Suspense, Crime, etc. The “Chapelwaite” is an Upcoming American Horror TV Series that is going to be releasing for Epix Network.

Donald De Line, Jason Filardi, and Peter Filardi are the executive producers for the series “Chapelwaite” which was ordered by “Epix” for a straight 10 episodes long series which will be written by Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi in December of 2019.

The Cast Of Chapelwaite Season 1

The series, however, is going to be having two main lead characters as Captain Charles Boone and Rebecca Morgan whose roles will be portrayed by Adrien Brody and Emily Hampshire.

Where Adrien Brody got finalized for the main cast in December 2019 only, Emily Hampshire got finalized for the character Rebecca Morgan in March 2020.
After the Shooting Started in April 2020, it was soon postponed due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic which also caused the delay in the release of the series.

The Plot Of Chapelwaite Season 1

Stephen King who is famous for his works under the genre of Horror did come up with a short story titled “Jerusalem’s Lot”, which is an epistolary tale told through Correspondence between the two friends, On which the above upcoming series is based.

Chapelwaite Season 1

The series follows Captain Charles Boone, also known as Brody, who with his family of three children relocates their location to his ancestral home near Preacher’s Corner which is small and Seemingly Sleepy all the time after suffering from the tragic death of his life. There, with the time passing by soon he will be witnessing the Sordid History of the family and will be facing the darkness which has plagued the Boones for generations after generation.

The series will also be featuring Hampshire as Rebecca Morgan, a young and aspiring girl who went outside of Preacher’s corner to get herself to attend Mount Holyoke’s College from where she returned in advance with a project of writing a new story for the famous and Prestigious Atlantic Magazine.

As Boone and Family enter the town, her writer’s block shifted and after she wrote the next great gothic novel, she unravels many mysteries related to her own family and what has plagued it so far?

Release Date & Other Update

There is no exact date in the announcements but the series will be hitting the screens on Epix by August 2021.

We have been tracking the information about this series once we get an official update we will surely update each and every single update


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