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Canada To Ban China Huawei And Zte From Its 5G Networks: Latest Updates!!!

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Canada Updates: Canada has announced that two of China’s largest telecoms equipment manufacturers will be barred from operating on the country’s 5G networks. On Thursday, the country’s industry minister placed limitations on Huawei and ZTE.The measure, according to Francois Philippe Champagne, will strengthen Canada’s mobile internet services while also “protecting Canadians’ safety and security. “However, Huawei Canada stated that the decision was “political” and that it was “disappointed.”

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About Canada

According to a statement, “this is a sad political decision that has nothing to do with cyber security or any of the technology in question.”The corporations have already been subjected to limitations in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

The “Five Eyes” intelligence sharing agreement includes the four countries, as well as Canada. It began as a tool for monitoring the Soviet Union and exchanging sensitive information during the Cold War.Canada’s action was widely anticipated, given that its partners had already banned Huawei and ZTE have high-speed networks of their own.

Mr Champagne told reporters in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, that the decision came after “a thorough investigation by our security services and consultation with our closest partners.”  ” To be clear, I’m not implying that  we will always protect the safety and security of Canadians, and we will take all steps required to protect our telecommunication infrastructure,” he continued.”This is the proper decision in a 5G world, when we rely more and more in our daily lives [on] our network.”


Beijing regards the security concerns expressed by Canada as a “pretext for political manipulation,” according to a spokeswoman for the Chinese  embassy in Ottawa.China’s representative also accused Canada of collaborating with the US to repress Chinese businesses.BBC inquiries for comment were not immediately returned by the Chinese embassy in Ottawa. Huawei Canada said the government and security agencies had “closely scrutinised” its equipment and that “zero security issues caused by

Huawei’s technology had produced “zero security issues,” according to the company. and services will result in severe economic loss in Canada and will raise the cost of communications for Canadian customers,” according to the statement. “Sadly, as a company, we have no control over this choice. We will, nevertheless, do all possible to preserve our customers’, partners’, and own lawful rights and interests.”Board members of Huawei have resigned in protest over the company’s stance on Ukraine. The United States has placed a ban on a Chinese telecoms company due to worries about snooping.

Meanwhile, ZTE called the Canadian government’s announcement’s “basis” “extremely speculative” and rejected it.”We’ve always followed international standards and best practises, opening up our cyber security labs to allow authorities and stakeholders to check ZTE device security,” the company said. internet networks is the With significantly higher data download and upload rates, networks is the next step forward. It also allows numerous devices to connect to the internet at once.

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