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Burn Game: Here Is The Latest Updates!!

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Burn Game Updates; Nina BURNS a Finnish pop star through three acts, from her DEBUT at 17, ESTABLISHMENT at 24, and CLIMAX at 27, through jumbled moments from her life that reveal more about Nina with each recurrence of the storey. BURN is an interactive storey game in which your dialogue choices alter Nina’s style, dialogue, and soundtrack, as well as determining one of 16 possible endings. Players can choose to be “HUMBLE” or “ARROGANT,” which will affect Nina’s journey in one of three ways: GOOD, BAD, or UGLY.

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BURN is likewise solely an interactive tale, with the only way to participate being to choose your dialogue options and interact with select interactables. Keeping the STONE feel, but with a lot more storey implications for players to find and comprehend Nina’s storey. So BURN isn’t a traditional 3D adventure game, but rather something altogether different, with a succession of high-definition animations and voice-over that adapt to your actions throughout the game.

One of the most interesting aspects of BURN is that you never hear Nina’s music, which the rest of the world adores. Instead, BURN includes a multi-genre soundtrack written by Joonas Turner, the author of Tormentor X Punisher, as well as audio from Broforce, Noita, Nuclear Throne, and others, with genres spanning from dark ambient, techno, black metal, Berlin post-wave, Russian sci-fi ambiance, and hip-hop. The composed score will change genres as the plot is shuffled, creating a distinct ambiance that gets lighter or darker based on your decisions and replays. When each genre is unlocked, gamers can choose that score for a future playback to witness the entire storey.

Burn Game

As seen in their debut STONE, BURN has an open map to explore as well as a drive-in theatre with full-length public domain classic films to be disclosed ahead of time.

In a press release, writer and director Greg Louden remarked, “BURN is a character study and reflection of how far someone will go for their craft and the cost of fame.” “Since the COVID lockdown began in February 2020, we’ve been working on BURN, combining our enthusiasm for music industry stories, pop stars, body horror, and legendary music movies and documentaries.”


BURN, a single-player pop star tragic interactive storey with 16 endings, has been announced by Convict Games, the creators of STONE. In 2022, it will be released on Steam for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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