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Bots Are Stupid Game: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Bots Are Stupid Game Updates: Bots Are Stupid will be launched in November, according to a recent announcement made by Yoga cast Games and independent developer Leander Edler-Golla.

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Tool-assisted speed run: The game! “Bots Are Stupid” is a 2D game where you try to control robots through numerous platforming stages. By providing an alternative, more accurate method of user input, it differentiates itself from traditional platformers.

The player must create a set of straightforward instructions that their robot must follow rather than directly managing the character’s movement. The bot will then carefully follow those instructions and might—or might not—complete the level.

To make the game accessible to everyone, the robot commands have been made as easy to understand as possible. This means that in order to “programme” the bots, you do not need any prior programming or technical experience. By gently exposing players to the fundamentals of scripting and programming, the game may have some instructional value.

Additionally, there is an editor that enables users to design and share unique levels as well as a global scoreboard that enables them to compete with one another for the greatest answers to each level.


Bots Are Foolish adds an endless supply of stupid robots to the 2D precision platformer genre. Teach them how to get to the exit using the easy programming language in the game, and then watch as they follow your clear directions, frequently dying in the process. Each person has a significant task with the more than 40 levels to command and conquer.


You don’t need any prior coding or technical knowledge to programme the robots because all commands are made as simple as possible; rather, the problems arise from writing routines that accomplish particular level objectives rapidly.


A sophisticated level editor is another aspect of the game that enables users to design their own obstacles that can be made public. Show them the ropes, then hone your techniques to dominate the speed run leader boards.


• Over 40 particularly difficult platformer levels

• Thanks to the built-in level editor and level sharing in the game, there are countless difficulties and puzzles.

• Additional mechanics on the levels include grappling hooks, speed boosters, conveyor belts, and other things.

• Regardless of how foolish they are, the bots adhere to your instructions exactly.

• Endless supply of bots



• Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

• Intel Core i3-6100 processor

• RAM memory size: 1 GB

• NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics

• 250 MB of storage are available.

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Bots Are Stupid Game
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