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Boris Nemtsov: Murdered Putin Rival ‘Tailed’ By Agent Linked To FSB Hit Squad:

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Here Is The Latest Update About Boris Nemtsov: Murdered Putin Rival ‘Tailed’ By Agent Linked To FSB Hit Squad:

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An investigation has discovered that Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov was followed for almost a year by an operative affiliated with a political assassination team before he was killed.

President Vladimir Putin was a bitter foe of Nemtsov’s. Since Putin’s rise to power, his assassination in 2015 has been the most high-profile political assassination.

Any involvement by the government is denied. Before his assassination, Bellingcat, The Insider, and the BBC discovered proof that Nemtsov had been followed on 13 journeys.

Boris Nemtsov rose to prominence in the 1990s, serving as President Boris Yeltsin’s deputy prime minister, and was widely projected to succeed him. Instead, Mr. Putin was elected president, and Mr. Nemtsov was relegated to Russia’s political periphery.

He became a powerful advocate, exposing corruption and condemning Russia’s 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine. Mr. Nemtsov was shot dead just yards from the Kremlin on February 27, 2015, just days before he was set to organize a war protest.

For his assassination, five Chechen men were swiftly apprehended and imprisoned. The most pressing concerns, however, remain unanswered by the official investigation: who ordered the murder and why?

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Seven years later, the BBC, in collaboration with the investigative websites Bellingcat and The Insider, has discovered proof that Nemtsov was being tracked across Russia by a government operative linked to a secret assassination squad in the months leading up to his murder.

The investigation found that Mr. Nemtsov was followed on at least 13 journeys using confidential train and airplane reservation data. Mr. Nemtsov was last followed by the spy on February 17, 2015, just ten days before he was killed.

The agent’s identity is Valery Sukharev, according to his paperwork. According to all evidence, he was a member of Russia’s top security agency, the FSB, at the time. One of the FSB’s responsibilities is to control internal political threats on behalf of the Kremlin, which includes tracking people’s movements around Russia.

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boris nemtsov: murdered putin rival ‘tailed’ by agent linked to fsb hit squad:

The FSB database Magistral keeps track of all flight and train reservations. However, the database may be used to reveal the movements of Russian spies, such as Mr. Sukharev. This type of information is frequently leaked to the black market, where it eventually reaches journalists.

This type of information is frequently leaked to the black market, where it eventually reaches journalists.”[Magistral] is a double-edged blade in a corrupt society like Russia,” says Bellingcat’s executive director, Christo Grozev.

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“It also helps people like us to track these same spies and FSB officers.”On BBC iPlayer, you can see the whole investigation. Bellingcat purchased some of the initial data for this research from Russian brokers.

The data was obtained from corrupt authorities with access to Magistral by those brokers. The BBC also used information that was freely handed to us by persons with access to Magistral copies.

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