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Boris Johnson Retired As UK Prime Minister For The Following Five Reasons!!!

Boris Johnson Updates: On Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, putting an end to the nation’s government’s paralysis caused by an extraordinary political crisis over his future. On Thursday, Johnson made the official declaration at Downing Street. He declared that he would stay in office until a replacement came forward.

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Over his behaviour and those of some of his cabinet members, the former prime minister has come under heavy fire from all quarters. His dilemma culminated in unlawful parties held in his Downing Street offices that broke the Covid-19 lockdown, for which he and others were penalised.

Other scandals include claims that he improperly used donor funds to renovate his Downing Street residence and that he instructed MPs to cast votes to shield a colleague who had broken lobbying laws. There are, however, a number of factors that combined to bring about the former prime minister’s failure as a leader.


A member of parliament named Chris Pincher, who at the time served as the deputy chief whip for the Conservative Party, visited a private members’ club in London on June 29. He “drank way too much” and “embarrassed himself,” in his own words. Before appointing Pincher as deputy chief whip in February, Johnson reportedly did not take into account “particular claims” concerning him, according to Downing Street.

Johnson was aware of a formal complaint as of July 4. The prime minister had been informed of the complaint in person, according to a former government servant named Lord McDonald the next day.

Then Johnson acknowledged that he had been informed in 2019 and expressed regret about choosing Pincher to serve as deputy chief whip.


The former prime minister was penalised in April 2022 for violating the lockdown regulations after attending a celebration on his birthday in June 2020. During the initial lockdown, he also expressed regret for attending a “bring your own booze” party in the Downing Street garden.

In total, 126 persons received penalties from the Metropolitan Police for violating the lockdown regulations in Downing Street and Whitehall. Additionally, a report by senior civil servant Sue Gray detailed a number of social parties held by political staff members in violation of lockdown regulations.

Johnson stated to the Commons in December that “every guidance was followed completely in No 10.” A Commons committee is currently looking into whether he willfully misled Parliament.


2022 saw a huge increase in inflation, which is now 9.1 percent. Many of the causes of the inflation were out of Johnson’s immediate control. A notable example is how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased the price of food and oil.

Along with that, the government increased taxes in April even though it had already taken some actions, such decreasing gasoline duty by 5p per litre. The price of national insurance increased by 1.25 pence per pound. Changes that went into effect this week lessened the brunt of the tax hike, which the government claimed would pay for health and social care, but those making more than £34,000 per year will still pay extra.

Boris Johnson

In the middle of the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, the government decides to raise taxes on working people, claimed Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in April.


A House of Commons committee suggested Owen Paterson, a conservative MP at the time, be suspended for 30 days in October 2021. According to the committee, he violated lobbying laws in an effort to help the firms that paid him.

However, the Conservatives, who were led by the prime minister, opted to suspend him temporarily and form a new committee to review the way investigations were conducted.


Get Brexit Done, Boris Johnson’s clear and simple policy platform, helped him win a sizable majority. But since then, his detractors claimed, Downing Street has lacked direction and inspiration.

Dominic Cummings, his former advisor who is now his worst opponent, frequently compared him to an out-of-control shopping cart that was drifting from one position to another.

Others questioned whether the prime minister had a philosophy at all. Former minister and Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt charged Johnson for lacking “ethics, competence, and vision” in June. Hunt was speaking prior to a vote of confidence, which the former prime minister won, but the criticisms were growing louder.

The by-election losses persisted. Johnson declared that he would not go through a “psychological metamorphosis” after the most recent. Conservative MPs, though, are not now worried about it. The prime minister has left after they finished speaking..

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