Blue Reflection Ray Ep-18: Release Date Update, Cast & More

Blue Reflection Ray Ep-18 is at its pinnacle, as Episode 18 will be released soon. The Reflector girls are working hard to find Mio, who is plotting something nefarious. Mio became overtaken by the evil in her heart and went to Ryoka to persuade her to join her side. Mio wants to take Amiruto the other world because there is only one key left to open the gate to the Common. Ryoka knows Amiru is in danger, and Mio wants to take her there.

They both vanished when Amiru offered herself to Mio. Hiori is perplexed as to why they lost the battle, and another New Fragment has defected to the opposing side. Mio’s plans have been done, and she will shortly open the Common’s gate. The Reflectors returned to the dorm after their defeat, and Niina ran into Hiori outside. Niina resolved to use the power of her Ref to show Hiori how things started in the past.

Hiori went back in time and awoke when she heard Mio’s voice. Mio informed Hiori about the impending festival, and they both agreed that they needed to prepare. The celebration started later, and the two sisters were late.

While dashing at the event, Hiori grabs Mio. Hiori complains that they are late, and Mio claims that she should have been woken up earlier. Mio apologises, and they both arrive at Tabanata Festiv in Tsukimiya Girls’ Dorm.

The Last Sephirot

Mio swears to wait for their mother’s return, which she realizes will be in September. Mio’s mother had left her bankbook, cards, and seal to survive, according to the lady. However, it has been four years and their mother has not returned. She admits that her sister is the same way, and she constantly moves from one area to another, discarding her belongings.

Blue Reflection Ray Ep-18

The lady tries to get Mio to comprehend that their mother’s homecoming will be difficult. Mio responds that she and Hiori are hoping for their mother’s homecoming. She walks into the living room after a phone call and tells Hiori that antie would bring them grapes. They lived without their mother for a long time and took an entrance exam.

When Mio observed Niina punching the wall one day, he became enraged. Mio discovers that she must protect Hiori’s Fragment and befriends Niina in the process. Mio was later deceived by the people she trusted and loved.

Mio opted to save Hiori when she was possessed by evil forces, but she left the house to assist Niina in her struggle against the last Sephirot. She understands she tried everything she could to protect Hiori and failed. Hiori saw everything in the real world.

Release Date Of Blue Reflection Ray Ep-18

The premiere date for Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18 is August 14, 2021, at 2:30a.m. Every Saturday, a new episode of this amine is released. However, in certain places, the most recent episode is accessible on Friday at the above hour adjusted to local time. There are only a few episodes left before the episode finale, so don’t miss the next one.

Where To Watch Blue Reflection Ray Ep-18

On Anime lab and Funimation, you can watch Blue Reflection Ray Episode 18 online. The official website and Twitter account for Blue Reflection Ray are both available. Daily updates about the anime can be found on the internet. Blue Reflection Ray has an anime dub and English subtitles for the most recent episodes in Japanese. The anime can be seen online.

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