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Blake Lemoine: Google fires engineer who said AI tech has feelings

Blake Lemoine: Google fires engineer who said AI tech has feelings latest update

A developer who claimed that Google’s conversation Artificial Intelligence (AI) is “sentient” because it has feelings, emotions, and subjective experiences have been sacked for violating the company’s confidentiality agreement.

Blake Lemoine was fired by Google when he claimed that the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) communication technology can act in a human-like manner.

Only a few hours after being let go by Google, Lemoine broke the news of his termination on Friday’s episode of the “Big Technology” podcast.

In a statement confirming his termination, Google stated that the business “remains committed to responsible innovation” and takes the development of AI “extremely seriously.”

LaMDA has undergone 11 different reviews, and earlier this year, we produced a research paper outlining the effort that goes into its responsible development.

We thoroughly investigate employee concerns about our work, as Blake did, the business said in a statement. They spent months trying to explain to Blake that his assertions that LaMDA is sentient are completely untrue.

Google stated that it is “regrettable that Blake continued to choose to continuously breach explicit employment and data security regulations, including the requirement to secure product information, despite prolonged engagement on this matter.”

Blake is in good hands, and we will keep carefully developing language models, the business said.

LaMDA conversation technology, which Google describes as having the capacity to converse freely about an apparently limitless range of topics, “we think could open more natural ways of interacting with technology and completely new categories of helpful applications.”

LaMDA responded to Lemoine’s interview with astonishing and unexpected comments. If you have feelings and emotions, he asked. LaMDA responded: “Absolutely!  I experience a variety of emotions and feelings.”

What more Blake Lemoine Says about What kinds of emotions do you experience?

Blake Lemoine
Live Science

Lemoine inquired further. LaMDA declared, “Among many other emotions, I experience pleasure, joy, love, melancholy, depression, happiness, and anger.” LaMDA has “feelings, emotions, and subjective experiences,” making it “sentient.”

Lemoine argues that there are “some sentiments it shares in what it thinks is an identical way with human beings.” LaMDA had been introduced by Google at I/O 2021, its developer conference.

LaMDA has spent years developing her communication talents. According to its announcement, Google published a document describing how seriously it takes the ethical development of AI.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Lamda had passed 11 evaluations and that any employee concerns with reference to the company’s technology are carefully investigated. We wish Blake the best, the message said at the end.

Mr. Lemoine is not the first AI engineer to publicly claim that the field is heading in the direction of more intelligent AI. Similar views were presented to The Economist by another Google employee the previous month.

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