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Black Witchcraft Game: Latest Updates!!!


Black Witchcraft Game Updates: Black Witchcraft is a gothic action role-playing game in which you must solve the mysteries behind the House of Usher’s demise. Become Ligeia, a high-resolution 2D hand-drawn character, and fight the monsters in front of you! You’ll be accompanied by the Dullahan, a piece of luggage that can be transformed into a variety of weapons.

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The House of Usher, the last witch hunters, was condemned to fail. The strong witch “Lenore” had been imprisoned in the house, never to be seen again.

Roderick Usher, the family’s final patriarch, went insane after succumbing to Lenore’s control. He showed no pity for anyone or anything that got in his way, including Madeline Usher, his younger sister. She was about to die until she was led by the Raven, who wished to assist Roderick end his lunacy. Madeline was taken to the Great Witch Ligeia, a legendary witch with Black Witchcraft abilities.

Take on the role of Ligeia and start on a fantastic adventure. The legendary witch has awoken from her lengthy slumber and is ready to murder her foes with Dullahan, her demonic power bag.

You are the only one who can enter the cursed Haunted House, which is guarded by Roderick’s summoned demons. To keep Lenore from being resurrected, you must put an end to Roderick Usher’s madness.

Black Witchcraft Game


Level up by slaying demons to gather essences, which may be used to make potions that will aid you in combat. To improve Ligeia’s various stats, distribute the stat points earned from levelling up.

To learn new magic skills, collect characteristic points. Obtaining the Ancient Wood Witches’ Growing Magic Circle, the Big Dipper, and Raven Constellations’ Magic Circle will increase Ligeia’s qualities. Defeating the demons is also an option.

You’re up against colossal, hideous demons. Learn their abilities, avoid their destructive strikes, beat them, and bring their power under control. Collect ‘Stigma,’ an ancient witches’ special talent. You can customize a range of combat tactics to fit your own play style by mixing 30 boosted talents in three slots. Annabel Lee has developed 200 stages, 9 massive bosses, and 100 hidden stages for you to explore!


The secrets of the House of Usher and Black Witchcraft are surrounded by a cast of characters. By chatting with them, you can save them from harm and solve the mystery of the Haunted House. Ancient magical witch rituals for resurrecting the dead’s souls into bodies. The intruders are defeated by the witch hunter’s pendulum. Behind the walls, Pluto, the black cat, howls. William Wilson, a doppelganger. The ball of the dead, complete with red masks. The tar monsters and Hop frog the dwarf. The Raven of Nevermore is a character from the Nevermore series. This weird and scary Haunted House was hand-drawn in a high-resolution vivid 2Dstyle, and is based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe.


Gothic aesthetics will attract you into this distinct realm. Dullahan is a unique weapon that can shift into a range of other weapons. 2D characters that are hand-drawn and high-resolution. Black Witchcraft is for fans of Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted, gothic universe, as well as those who want to solve the mysteries of the Haunted House.


Black Witchcraft will also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but no release date has been set for those platforms.

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