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Black Knight Season 1 Production Status, and Details

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Here is the Latest Series of Netflix: Black Knight Season 1

The interesting sci-fi k-drama series Black Knight is now in development and will make its Netflix debut in 2022.

Black Knight, which is set in a bleak future, is anticipated to be another South Korean Netflix hit. Here is all we know about Black Knight’s inaugural season.

Although Netflix hasn’t provided a specific date as of this writing, Black Knight is expected to arrive in 2022. The science fiction Korean drama is now under development and is scheduled to debut on Netflix in November or December 2022.

The premiere date of the series is subject to change, and it’s possible that it could be delayed until early 2023.

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Synopsis of The Black Knight Season 1

Black Knight Season 1
The Next Hint

By 2071, only 1% of the world’s population will still be alive due to the earth’s destruction by fatal air pollution.

For those who are still alive, society has been restructured into a small socioeconomic class where people are required to wear gas masks owing to pollution and almost never leave their homes.

Professional delivery drivers known as The Knights are in charge of making deliveries and keeping items safe from theft.

Based on Lee Yoon Kyun‘s webcomic Taekbaegisa, the South Korean science fiction television series Black Knight is a Netflix Original.

The series is being directed by Cho Ui Seok, who is well-known for writing the script and directing Cold Eyes and Master.

Cast Details

Black Knight Season 1
Lifestyle Aisa Honk Kong

It’s Kim Woo Bin’s first time on Netflix. The well-known actor and model have previously been seen in movies including The Heirs and School 2013. Additionally, he will appear in the Korean drama Our Blues on Netflix.

Since her acting debut in 2010, Esom has only been in five dramas; Black Knight is both her first Netflix production and sixth overall.

Black Knight’s cast has so far only been partially revealed. The upcoming months are anticipated to see the publication of more details.

Aspiring delivery driver Sawol, played by Kang You-Seok, is inspired by the renowned deliveryman 5-8. With roles in famous dramas like Start-Up, Once Again, and The Grotesque Mansion:

The Original, and Light on Me, Kang You-Seok has become more well-known in recent years.

Esom, who is well-known for her parts in the blockbuster movies Microhabitat, Inseparable Bros, and Samjin Company English Class, plays the principal female actress in the series.

She is most well-known for playing the tenacious attorney Kang Ha-Na in the drama Taxi Driver. Esom will take on the role of Seolah, a Defense Intelligence Command military intelligence officer.

Release Date

Black Knight on Netflix is anticipated to debut in 2022. However, no precise dates have yet been made public.

According to recent rumors, Black Knight is now under development, therefore the show might air at the earliest in late 2022. The first episode of the series could air in early 2023.

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