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Bioshock Netflix Live-Action Adaptation To Be Headed By I Am Legend Director Francis Lawrence!!!

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Bioshock Netflix Updates: It has been confirmed that Blader Runner 2049’s Michael Green is writing the script.

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·       Back in February, Netflix made the BioShock project official.

·       Its cast of actors has not yet been made public.

·       A Horizon Zero Dawn TV adaptation is in the works, according to Netflix.

Finally, Netflix has found the director for its upcoming BioShock production. Francis Lawrence will helm the live-action feature picture adaptation, the streaming service revealed on Thursday.

Since the project was first announced by Netflix in February, this appears to be the first information to have been made public. Though the BioShock cast is most likely still up in the air, more information may be forthcoming.

Additionally, Netflix is working on other video game adaptations in addition to BioShock. The creator of Umbrella Academy, Steve Blackman, will turn the Horizon Zero Dawn game series into a television series, according to a new announcement from the OTT platform.

The first BioShock is much more than just an excellent first-person shooter. It’s also a deceptively alluring morality tale set in the eerie underwater metropolis of Rapture, far under the ocean’s surface.

Players have the option to simply explore the decaying corridors and crumbling stores of a whole strange universe intended as a fantasy realm for an unknown historical figure, in between blasting through swarms of Splicers.

Despite the fact that simple shotgun shots are undoubtedly more than enjoyable, there is more to learn. It’s understandable why the games have collectively sold 39 million copies globally.

Francis Lawrence will be helming the live-action adaptation of the well-known BioShock video games, Netflix revealed on Thursday. In the past, Lawrence has contributed to films like Slumberland, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and I Am Legend. Michael Green, known for his work on American Gods, Blade Runner 2049, and Logan, is penning the script.

Netflix announced the live-action BioShock feature film earlier this year in February. The streaming service is collaborating on this project alongside 2K and Take-Two Interactive. The BioShock movie’s premiere date has not yet been announced, though.

Arcane, which is based on the League of Legends universe and received critical acclaim, is one of the video game adaptations that Netflix has recently found success with. In August, Netflix also released DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s third season.

A TV adaptation of Horizon Zero Dawn was also announced by Netflix on Thursday. Steve Blackman, who created The Umbrella Academy, is producing this series. With Aloy serving as the main character, Michelle Lovretta is working together on the script.

The live-action BioShock feature film’s release date has not yet been announced by Netflix.

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Bioshock Netflix
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