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BGMI Developer Krafton Being Device Ban Feature In India: Latest Updates!!

BGMI Developer Krafton Updates: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Device Ban Feature: Krafton introduces Device Ban Feature for hacking- Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of India’s most popular battle royale mobile games. Millions of people play the game on a daily basis. However, there is one issue that both the developers and the players must deal with: HACKERS. Hackers and cheats are wreaking havoc on the game, and while the anti-cheat programme is frequently banning cheaters, it isn’t enough. They’ve come up with a novel notion, where the Device Ban function might prevent them from joining the game from the same device again.

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About BGMI Developer Krafton Being Device Ban Feature In India

Device Ban Function in the BGMI: Krafton introduced the Device Ban feature in the BGMI earlier today to keep hackers and cheats out. This device ban function discovered the hacker accounts and banned them from the game, as well as their device. As a result, if they try to establish a new id for the game, it will not work, and the device will be blacklisted.

BGMI Developer Krafton

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), according to producer Krafton, would restrict gamers from using smartphones to cheat in the popular battle royale game. The new policy will go into effect today, December 24, and will bar Krafton employees from using devices that run cheating software. Cheating in popular games like Battlegrounds Mobile India or PUBG: New State may take away from the enjoyment of other players. Unlike the prior policy of punishing the offending account, the device ban will be permanent, signalling a change in the game’s approach to cheating.

In a message on the game’s website on Thursday, Krafton detailed the policy banning offending gadgets. “If the newly implemented security logic detects the use of unlawful programmes with a mobile device, the device will be permanently barred from utilising BGMI,” the developer added. Players’ accounts are frequently banned if they are using an unauthorized or modified version of the game, or if they use unlawful auxiliary programmes that aid in cheating.

99,583 Battlegrounds Mobile India accounts were recently permanently banned for cheating over the period of six days, according to reports. While banning an account is effective, banning a device (based on the device ID or IP address) prevents cheating players from creating several accounts on the same device to get around the ban.BGMI Developer Krafton

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