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Ben Affleck 10 Year Old Son Hits Lamborghini Into A Parked BMW: Latest Updates!!!

Ben Affleck Updates: The 10yearold kid of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner is named Samuel.got into a small accident when he climbed into the yellow car’s driver’s seat.Lamborghini and ran into a BMW that was parked.

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The event happened at a Los Angeles auto dealership. However, according to verified reports, the 10yearold is currently fine after the mishap.Affleck is relieved that no casualties have been attributed to the incident. “There is no harm done. Everything is okay “According to Affleck’s agent, the news sources.Samuel was out with friends, as shown in a video of the incident.

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Affleck when he was seen in the driver’s seat, and Jennifer Lopez.The actor watched as his fiancee climbed into the backseat of the car, which typically sells for more than USD 230,000. Samuel got out of the car after the incident to look at the damage.”When (Samuel) got into the car, it jerked back and forth. The cars are nearby and we have a tiny parking lot. Everyone was fine! “, a worker at the dealership revealed.Another opportunity presented itself for Affleck, who is the father of children through his ex-wife Violet, 16, and Rose Seraphinato accompany his son, 13, and Jennifer Lopez.Since rekindling their romance last year, Lopez and Affleck, according to reports from E! News, have been seamlessly integrating their families. Last August, a close friend of the singer said: “Ben’s children have been warmly welcomed into J.Lo’s house and life, and she has made great efforts to get to know them. They’ve taken their time getting to know one another while allowing the kids to have fun and form bonds.”

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