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Beat Shazam Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Much More

Beat Shazam Season 5 debuted on Fox on May 25, 2017, and is a musical game show in the United States. BEAT SHAZAM, the interactive game show presented by Jamie Foxx, has returned!! Mark Burnett, Jeff Apploff and serve as executive producers for the series. Shazam, a game created by Barry Poznick, Foxx, Rich Riley, and Lauren Zalaznick, sets two-person teams against the clock and each other in an attempt to identify the biggest hit songs of all time.

Finally, the team with the most money will win the challenge and compete against Shazam, the popular song recognition software, for a chance to earn up to a million cash. The sitcom was renewed for a fourth season on January 31, 2020. The fourth season was supposed to begin in 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, it launched on June 3, 2021.

Beat Shazam Season 5: Game Play

Three teams of two players compete in four rounds (five in season 1) to identify a set of songs, with each correct answer earning money. [10] After the fourth round (the fifth in season 1), the team with the highest score goes head-to-head with the Shazam app, seeking to boost their prizes by naming up to six songs before the app can recognise them. Any team that beats Shazam on all six songs gets the main prize of $1,000,000!.Beat Shaman’s only source for song titles is the Billboard Hot 100 music chart.

The Cast Of Beat Shazam Season 5

Beat Shazam Season 5

Jamie Foxx will return as Executive Producer and Host, alongside Executive Producers Jeff Apple, Barry Poznick, Mark Burnett, and Lauren Zalaznick. Jamie Foxx’s daughter, Corniee Foxx, will also return as a Deejay. This service was ranked among the Top 25 broadcast programmes for Adults 18-49 in summer 2019. BEAT SHAZAM has amassed a total of 3.0 million commitments across all social media platforms.

The Plot Of Beat Shazam Season 5

With the goal of winning up to $1 million, two-person teams compete to identify songs by sound. Whoever earns the most money advances to the final round, where they will compete against Shazam, the show’s computer. The show is hosted by actor Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne, who plays a DJ.

Release Date & Much More

Cancellation Scales Thousands of TV shows are threatened with cancellation each year; some will survive, while others will perish. Which way will Beat Shazam’s renewal/cancellation scales tip? This Beat Shazam Cancelled Or Renewed Hub will keep you up to speed on the Beat Shazam FOX TV series’ status. As of June 12th, 2021, FOX has yet to decide whether or not to renew Beat Shazam for Season 5.We’re always keeping an eye on Beat Shazam’s progress. This article will be updated if Beat Shazam is cancelled or renewed.

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