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Baymax Season 1 Trailer Revealed First Look

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Baymax Season 1 Introduction: The 2014 Oscar-winning superhero film “Big Hero 6” is one of the films that stand out from the crowd. “Big Hero 6,” based on the Marvel franchise, follows the uber-intelligent Hiro Hamada, who creates a superhero team with a friendly healthcare robot constructed by his late brother, Baymax, and a group of wacky friends to take on a mysterious masked figure spreading havoc.

The film was well-received by critics and viewers alike, achieving a Tomatometer score of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossing over $650 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo).

It only makes sense that Disney’s next big series would be a high-flying superhero film with a proven track record. While there have been rumors of a sequel film (via MTV) and a three-season 2Danimated television series on Disney Channel, a new project starring the charming ensemble of San Fransokyo is on the way.

It’s none other than “Baymax!” a new 3D cartoon series planned to debut on Disney+ later this year. Now that two trailers have been published, it’s time to review everything we’ve learned thus far.

Baymax Season 1 Plot

Baymax Season 1
Hidden Remote

The new animated series will chronicle the adventures of Baymax, a superhero who quits his job as a personal nurse to devote his life to helping others. Baymax is a robot that Hiroto designed to be a personal healthcare companion.

When Hiro passes away, Hamada inherits Baymax and joins the Superhero team. Baymax is an inflatable robot whose primary function is to respond to sounds of distress and help. He can identify any ailment, and he will only leave the patient’s side if they express satisfaction with his treatment. Imagine a world where only robots like Baymax were in charge of your healthcare. Isn’t that adorable?

Cast and Character

Baymax Season 1

In The Big Hero 6, Henry Jackman composed the music, and he is likely to do it again in the future sequel. Duncan Rouleau, best known for creating Ben 10, and Steven T. Seagle, best known for Ultimate Spiderman 2012, created the series.

There is little information regarding the series’ cast, but Baymax is the most obvious choice. Scott Adsit, who played Peter Hornberger on the sitcom 30 Rock, will return as Baymax. Maya Rudolph (Rapunzel, Turbo) will reprise her role as Aunt Cass in the sequel to Big Mouth. The other cast’s information will be updated as soon as possible.

Release Date

The series has yet to be given a launch date, but you can expect it to be announced soon. The series is already in production, and Disney’s announcement that the feature will be released in 2022 suggests that filming is nearly complete.

It’s unclear how many episodes the series will feature or how long each episode will go, but we can hope it’ll be worth the wait. If everything goes according to plan, the series should be released in the summer of 2022.

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