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Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1: When Will It Hit The Screen?

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Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1 Updates: Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1 is one of the upcoming Japanese television series. Here, let us discuss the release date and all information about this series.

Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1 is one of the upcoming Japanese series.  Fans are much excited to watch this series.  The manga series was written by Keisuke Itagaki. The entire series was presented by TMS entertainment. This series was licensed by Netflix. Japan is the country of origin and Japanese is the original language of this series. 

This series has received various acclaimed and positive reviews from the critics and the viewers. The original net animation video was directed by Toshiki Hirano. People welcomed this series very much. 

Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1: Plot Lines

In this series, there was a character named Baki Hanma and he was under the training of martial arts.  He was well learned about life because he studied under the guidance of many teachers.

Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1

Another character emerges in this series named Yujiro Hanma and he was a genius fighter who was the father of Baki. He also had a lot of fans. The entire story revolves around them in an interesting manner. 

Cast and Characters Of The Show

There were so many leading voice characters in this series and some of the voice characters include Baki Hanma is voiced by Masami Kikuchi,  Yujiro Hanma is voiced by Kenji Nomura, Doppo Orochi is voiced by Mugihito, Kyosumi Katou is voiced by Takehiro Murozono, Mitsunari Tokugawa is voiced by Naomi Kusumi, Izo Motobe is voiced by Masayuki Omoro, Koushou Shinogi is voiced by Kazuhiro Tanaka, Kureha Shinogi is voiced by Yukie Maeda, Gerry Strydom is voiced by Hidetoshi Nakamura, Kaoru Hanayama is voiced by Takuya Eguchi, Goki Shibukawa is voiced by Hiroshi Naka, Retsu Kaioh is voiced by Kaiji Tang, Jack Hanma is voiced by Koichi Sakaguchi, et, and many other characters are also included in the supporting role in this series. 

Baki: Son Of Ogre Chapter 1: Release Date

The manga series had overall ratings of about 6.7 out of 10 at IMDB. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this series. As of now, there is no scheduled release date for this series. The entire series will be released in the year 2021.


We will surely update each and every single update. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this and stay tuned for more updates.


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