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Avowed: When Can We Expect the Obsidian Game to Release?

Avowed is a forthcoming role-playing game set in the fascinating realm of Eora, which will be first shown at the Xbox Games Exposition in July 2020. Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Fallout: New Vegas, is behind it.

It’s also a prequel to Pillars of Eternity. We can’t go into depth about the story’s complexities because the developers have kept that information under wraps.

It’s said to be an open-world game that’ll be bigger than Skyrim! It’s up to you how big it is. When the developers provide more information on the official site, we’ll know. We believe the environment will react strongly to what players do, and the developers are paying great attention to character development with mod support!

Is Xbox Game Pass Included with Avowed?


Avowed is an Xbox Game Studios first-party title since Microsoft purchased Obsidian Entertainment. As a result, Avowed will be free to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers when it launches, as it is included in the subscription. Feel free to give it a shot once it arrives on your console!

Is Avowed to be released on Playstation?

Obsidian Entertainment is now owned by Microsoft, as previously reported. Everything produced by the studio will be exclusive to the Xbox platform. As a result, Sony PlayStation systems will not be able to play Avowed.

Game Highlights

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A real-time weather system will be featured in the game. Second, the boss fights will be massive in scale. You can also recruit partners to help you with your tasks and travels. Obsidian will also allow players to participate in every facet of the game, including killing major characters and ending the plot.

Two major cities are currently under construction. The creatures and wildlife are based on the Pillars of Eternity narrative, but with fresh aspects added for a unique twist.

To add to the excitement, artificial intelligence (AI) will be put into the mix. We’re not sure at what point. Finally, you will use both melee weapons and magic spellcasting throughout the games.

Release Date

Avowed will be released in 2022. Regarding the precise date and month. We are unsure. And it’s likely that the development team is unsure as well. To begin with, the game has been mired in development hell for more than two years. The game is yet to be confirmed for a delay. The wait is expected to end in the second quarter of 2022.

We’re now in the middle of May, and still no word. Are the developers able to move quickly, or are they informing us that the game will be delayed? On one project, they had over 100 employees working on it. We wish them luck, as no game developer or gamer wants to see a project fall behind schedule.


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