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Avinash Das: Filmmaker arrested for tweeting ‘controversial’ photo of Amit Shah

Here is the Latest Celebrity News Today About Avinash Das: Filmmaker arrested for tweeting ‘controversial’ photo of Amit Shah

Today I am going to write about celebrity news today of a Filmmaker arrested for tweeting a controversial photo of Amit Shah

A filmmaker was detained for tweeting a picture of India’s home minister with a suspected corrupt officer.

Pooja Singhal, who has been detained in connection with a corruption case, was given the Amit Shah photo by Avinash Das.

The police have detained Indian filmmaker Avinash Das after he exchanged a picture of the federal home minister with a government official who was recently detained on suspicion of money laundering.

Mr. Das was taken into custody on Tuesday for tweeting a picture of Amit Shah and Pooja Singhal, an Indian administrative worker who had been held by the federal anti-money laundering organisation, the Enforcement Directorate, in May.

After the agency conducted raids at various locations throughout India, she was taken into custody on May 11. Any impropriety has been denied by Ms. Singhal.

The director was taken from his house in Mumbai by a squad of police officers from Mr. Shah’s native Gujarat on Wednesday, when he was “formally arrested at 4 am.” The case in the matter had been filed against Mr. Das 46 days earlier.

The Director, Who is Best Known for Creating the Netflix Series She, has also been charged with defaming national dignity by posing an image of a woman sporting the Indian flag

Avinash Das
Yahoo News

In a case involving money laundering, Ms. Singhal was detained in May. The accusations against her are refuted by her.

Das is the second prominent individual to be detained in recent weeks as a result of a social media post.

In June, police in the western state of Gujarat lodged complaint against Mr. Das, alleging that his post was intended to mislead the public and harm Mr. Shah’s reputation.

For posting a picture of a woman sporting the national flag on his Facebook and Instagram profiles, the police also brought a separate complaint against Mr. Das. The usage of the national flag on clothing is prohibited by Indian law.

Mr. Avinash Das was taken into custody in Mumbai on Monday

Avinash Das
India Today

The Gujarati filmmaker attempted to obtain pre-arrest bail from the high court in June to avoid being arrested, but his request was denied.

His appeal will be heard by the Supreme Court on Friday after he approached them recently.

The Netflix series She 2022 and the 2012 Bollywood film Anaarkali of Aarah are what Mr. Das is best known for.

According to Chaitanya Mandlik, deputy commissioner of police for the Ahmedabad crime section, “it is the responsibility of every Indian citizen to respect our national flag.”

“Our social media team was on alert when we learned that a filmmaker named Avinash Das had insulted our national flag by posting an obscene image of it online.”



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