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Aviation Authorities Prepare To Allow Drones To Fly ‘ Beyond Line Of Sight’; Privacy Advocates Warn Of Risks


  • Drones may check electrical wires across the Great Dismal Swamp’s forest canopy.
  • Drones may be flown by some services “beyond visual line of sight.”
  • The use of new permissions will be limited to business applications.

A fundamental guideline for operating civilian drones has long been to keep them in your line of sight. Not only is it a wonderful idea, but it is also required by law.

But recently, some drones have been given the go-ahead to fly away from their pilots’ line of sight. They may now look at the high-voltage power wires that straddle Virginia’s Great Dismal Swamp, which is covered in forest. Along with keeping an eye on Dutch seaports and railroads running from New Jersey to the far West, they are watching endangered sea turtles off the coast of Florida.

Aviation regulators in the US and other countries are getting ready to loosen some of the restrictions they put in place to control a boom in off-the-shelf consumer drones over the past ten years.

Businesses seek less restrictive regulations that might allow for new commercial uses of these low-flying aircraft in your neighbourhood, but privacy groups and some pilots of aeroplanes and balloons are still hesitant.

With Specifications Authority To Fly Drones “Beyond Visual Line Of Sight,” A Small But Expanding Number Of Power Corporations, Railroads, And Delivery Businesses Like Amazon Are Leading The Way Right Now

The US Federal Aviation Administration had authorised 230 such waivers as of the beginning of July, one of which went to Dominion Energy, a company based in Virginia, for monitoring its network of power plants and transmission lines.

“This is the first step towards using drones as everyone is expecting, “Adam Lee, the Dominion’s head of security, stated.

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Aviation Authorities Prepare To Allow Drones To Fly

The FAA’s work this year to develop new safety guidelines intended to further integrate drones into the national airspace was motivated by this expectation — of small drones operating with little human supervision delivering packages, evaluating home insurance claims, or circling on nighttime security patrols.

Although it has indicated that the permissions will be reserved for commercial applications, not hobbyists, the FAA stated that it is currently studying how it will implement routine operations letting some drones to fly beyond visual line of sight.

The drones’ ability to merely be instantly available anyplace they might be beneficial increases as they grow more autonomous, according to Bry.

Choosing how much confidence to place in drones not colliding with people or other vehicles when their operators aren’t looking is one aspect of that. In accordance with other new regulations, drones must have remote identification that may be used to track their whereabouts, similar to an electronic licence plate.

 The White House has been promoting a parallel initiative to combat the potential malevolent use of drones in the US in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine, where both sides have deployed small consumer drones to target strikes.

A reporter for The Associated Press observed in June as Dominion Energy drone pilots briefly lost visual line of sight of their inspection drone as it flew around the backside of a sizable fuel tank and the top of a smoke stack at a gas-fired plant in Remington, Virginia, which helps power some of Washington’s suburbs.

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