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Avenue of the Sphinxes: Egypt Grand Opening For Luxor’s!!


Avenue of the Sphinxes Updates: Cairo is a city in Egypt. As Americans sat down to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Egypt embarked on a mission to resuscitate a ritual that had likely been lost for a couple thousand years. On Thursday evening, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities hosted a magnificent event to commemorate the restoration of Luxor’s ancient Avenue of Sphinxes. The sacred path connects the Temples of Karnak in the north with Luxor in the south, and was previously known as “The Path of God.” The 1.7milelong avenue is bordered on both sides with more than 1,050 statues of sphinxes and rams, which are paved in sandstone blocks.

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They’ve been buried for centuries beneath the desert sands, but Egypt’s best archaeologists are slowly bringing them back into the light. Luxor’s Avenue of Sphinxes was officially inaugurated as a tourist attraction on Thursday, with pomp, glamour, and celebrity appearances. Thousands of dancers, musicians, and actors strolled along the 2.7kilometer, 3,000yearold avenue from Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple during the two-hour event, which included an appearance by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and a documentary about the monument.

Avenue of the Sphinxes

Dr. Khaled El Enany, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, told the crowd that the broadcast event drew few live attendees, who came with Mr. El Sisi in the courtyard of the Luxor Temple to see live performances, as people would have done in Ancient Egypt. The opening ceremony was part of a series of high-profile investments in Egypt’s historical sites aimed to attracting tourists and reviving a sector that has struggled to recover since the Covid19 outbreak. Messages of gratitude to Mr. El Sisi and the government for the investment in the site, as well as Egypt’s tourism and heritage, were heard throughout the evening, which was aimed to imitate ancient festivities of the fall festival Opet.

The Mummy Parade in Cairo in April drew millions of viewers from around the world, but the smaller spectacle in Luxor appeared unlikely to have the same impact. The ancient walkway, also known as the Avenue of Sphinxes, the Way of the Rams, and the Path of the Gods, is located in what was once Egypt’s capital, Thebes. It is thought to have been the route taken by pilgrims to visit temples and pay homage to their gods. For the celebration, some streets in the city were totally emptied, especially around both temples. On both sides of the avenue, perimeters were built up, with hundreds of security personnel stationed across the city. To preserve the extravaganza a surprise for watchers, Egyptian officials were advised not to release any details about it, and the avenue was obscured from view by grey street hoardings before the display began.

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