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Avengers: Secret Wars, Fantastic Four, Deadpool 3, Blade, And Other Marvel Films Release Delayed!!!

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Marvel Films Updates: Disney has changed the release date for” Blade,”” Dead pool 3,”” Fantastic Four,” and other significant Marvel parcels.

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After Blade director Bassam Tariq left his position in September 2022, Walt Disney Co. suspended and delayed a number of Marvel films. The announcements were made on October 12 while the production company searched for a new director for the forthcoming film.


The rest of the MCU was affected by the shift of” Blade” from November 3, 2023 to September 6, 2024 as a result of the scheduling change.” Deadpool 3 was moved from September 6, 2024, to November 8, 2024;” Fantastic Four” was moved from November 8, 2024, to February 14, 2025; an unidentified Marvel movie was moved from February 14, 2025, to November 7, 2025;” punishers Secret Wars” was moved from November 7, 2025, to May 1, 2026; and yet another unidentified Marvel movie that was listed for May 1, 2026 was dropped from Disney’s timetable.

In other non-comic book news,” Kingdom of the Earth of the Hams” is listed for May 24, 2024;” A Haunting in Venice” is listed for September 15, 2023; and Searchlight’s literal drama” Chevalier,” starring Kelvin Harrison Jr. as the musician Chevalier de Saint- Georges, will premiere in theatres on April 7, 2023.

Given the recent news that Bassam Tariq left the product, leaving the movie without a director, the one- time detention in” Blade” isn’t unanticipated. The movie, which stars Mahershala Ali as the title shark triggerman, has been put on hold by Marvel as the plant quests for a new director.

The significant detention for” Blade” had an impact on the other pictures presently in product because of how the connected narratives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe interacted. The conclusion of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be marked by the release of” Black catamount Wakanda Forever” in November.

The final two pictures to complete Phase Five were” Blade” and” Dead pool 3,” according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who made the advertisement in July at San Diego ridiculous- Con.” Fantastic Four” will now begin Phase Six.

At San Diego ridiculous- Con in July, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said that” Fantastic Four” would launch Phase Six, making” Blade” and” Dead pool 3 the last two pictures of Phase Five. Because to the holdback of” punishers Secret Wars,” suckers will no longer admit two” punishers” pictures in one time.

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