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Austria’s Covid Vaccine Law Comes Into Force Amid Resistance: Latest Updates

Austria’s Covid Vaccine Law Updates: In Austria, a new regulation goes into effect this week that makes immunization against Covid19 mandatory for anybody over the age of 18. Several countries have enacted mandates for the elderly or medical personnel, but this is the first country in Europe to do so.

Lou Moser, a ceramic artist who lives south of Vienna, and her husband, Gus, are both unvaccinated against Covid19. They are vehemently opposed to Austria’s new vaccine obligation. Vaccination should be a personal choice, she believes. “I’ve had Covid19 for a while now.

As a result, I don’t see the sense in being poked when I already have enough antibodies,” Lou explains. “As a result, I decided not to get vaccinated.” And no one has the ability to tell me what I can and cannot put into my body.”It’s demonstrated that immunizations haven’t completely prevented the pandemic,” Lou says.

The Austrian government claims that vaccinations are successful in preventing severe disease and that the law is necessary to avoid repeat lockdowns. Minister for the EU and Constitution Karoline Edtstadler said the administration is “quite aware that it is a very big step and a very difficult action.

“She claims, however, that it is vital. Mandatory vaccination, she claims, is an “intervention with human rights.” “However, this interference can be justified in this circumstance,” she continues.

“We have a pressing need to end the pandemic, and we know that vaccination is the only way to do it and return to normalcy.” Some Austrians are concerned about the law’s enforcement. Political expert Thomas Hofer says it all depends on how Covid19 spreads in the future.

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austria’s covid vaccine law comes

“I think a lot of people are hoping that this won’t be as harsh as the government first proposed.” “I believe there is an Austrian solution, which is that you never carry it all the way through,” he says.”Perhaps in March or April, the administration will decide that it is no longer necessary.

” But it all depends on how the epidemic progresses and whether it resurfaces in the autumn and winter.”However, there is still a lot of opposition to the vaccine mandate. The far-right, anti-vaccine Freedom Party has stated that it will challenge the law in court.

Herbert Kickl, the party’s head, has stated that the law “paves the way for authoritarianism in Austria.”Many people are flocking to the streets to protest the law. Week after week, protesters from all walks of life have demonstrated against obligatory vaccines and Covidrelated restrictions.

One woman told me during a rally in Vienna on Saturday that she was happy to be vaccinated but opposed mandatory vaccinations. An anti-vaxxer stood behind her, telling a cheering throng that the Covid19 vaccination was “the largest genocide” in history.

With this vaccine mandate, Austria has gone further than any of its neighbors. Other European countries will be keeping a careful eye on the situation.

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