Australia: Protesters Set Old Parliament House In Canberra On Fire..!

Australia: Protesters Updates: The Aboriginal Tent Embassy has criticised the conduct of demonstrators who set fire to Canberra’s Old Parliament House doors.Protesters have been camped out in front of Old Parliament House for more than a week, and on Thursday began a customary smoking ceremony.Officials agreed to the little smoking ritual as part of the nonviolent protest, but it had gone “a little out of hand,” according to ACT police commander Linda Champion.”It was further intensified when ACT police went to respond,” she claimed.”We totally support peaceful demonstrations.” We will act if there is any illicit conduct.”

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Protesters, according to Linda Champion, were responsible for the fire. (Nine) She went on to say that there have been multiple protests in front of the building in recent weeks.The Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra issued a statement condemning today’s demonstrators’ activities.”While we embrace the notion of nonviolent direct action, we do not condone the damage of public and private property,” said the statement.

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“These demonstrators conducted a ‘Smoking Ceremony’ without the knowledge, agreement, or mandate of the Embassy Council and Traditional Owners in charge of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy’s regulation.”After receiving multiple Triple Zero calls, ACT Fire and Rescue superintendent Sam Evans confirmed that police and firefighters were dispatched to the historic structure about 11.45 a.m.

Pepper spray was deployed against protesters but had no effect on the fire, according to Champion.The tent embassy claimed in a statement that the demonstrators’ actions and smoking ceremony were carried out without the “knowledge, agreement, or mandate” of the embassy’s council or traditional owners in charge of diplomatic regulations.

“While we support nonviolent direct action as a concept, we do not condone the damage of public and private property,” the statement continues.Just before midday, emergency services were dispatched to the area and the building was evacuated as a precaution.Police were seen taking demonstrators away from the building’s front steps, and a massive fire was burning at the doors, according to social media footage. The facade of the heritagelisted building was severely damaged.

According to Harper, it’s still unknown whether the original 1927 doors can be saved or how severe the damage within the structure is.Antivaccine activists used social media to broadcast their demonstration as well as some of the fire.According to Sky News, the protesters were there “for positive purposes,” but they “had to burn the door down just to get the point out.” Protesters set fire to the structure on December 21st, and daily protests have been held outside since December 26th.The fire “disgusted and outraged” Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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