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Australia Floods: Unfounded Cloud Seeding Claims Spread Online

In just four days, the equivalent of eight months’ worth of rain fell, paralyzing certain areas of Australia’s largest city. The warmer waters and saturated soils, according to experts, are contributing variables rather than a single factor that may fully explain this catastrophic weather.

Conspiracy theorists, however, do not concur. They attribute the excessive rain on “cloud seeding” and “weather manipulation” on social media. Although there is no evidence to support such beliefs, this hasn’t stopped misleading information from being spread online to thousands of people.

How Does Cloud Seeding Work?

Cloud seeding actually occurs. It entails tinkering with current clouds in an effort to encourage them to generate additional rain or snow. This is accomplished by spraying clouds with tiny particles, often made of silver iodide. The particles attract water vapour, which finally condenses and becomes precipitation. The method has been used for many years. Although it is not perfect, it has been utilised all over the world, for instance to assist with irrigation of crops.

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However, there is no proof that cloud seeding is responsible for Sydney’s recent downpour. Even so, some TikTok users have continued to criticise “weather engineering”. They claim that everything is a part of a government plot to “weaponize” the weather against its own citizens, which is a wellknown and long running conspiracy theory.

According to Dr. Ellie Gilbert, a climate scientist at the British Antarctic Survey, “the concept that this is happening on a large scale and that there is some sort of intent to influence the weather is a pure fantasy.

“Nevertheless, it appears that this myth has a following on a number of social networking sites. The BBC has noticed that many of the accounts sharing this kind of material have also published conspiracy theories about the Moon landings, Covid vaccinations, and global warming.

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Tasmanian Connection

A 2016 news report from the Australian TV network 7News, which has since been viewed thousands of times, has being circulated by certain conspiracy theorists.In it, the broadcaster discusses Tasmanians’ worries that cloud seeding might have contributed to the state’s worst floods in forty years.

However, a government investigation in Tasmania determined that cloud seeding did not worsen or contribute to the severe rainfall, and this finding has now received support from independent scientists and experts.

Dr. Gilbert asserts that there isn’t a coordinated effort to alter the weather since doing so would be both physically and financially impractical and that even if it did, cloud seeding would only have “an absolutely negligible influence.”

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