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Attack On A Shia Tomb In Southern Iran Results IN 15 Fatalities!!!

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Shia Tomb Updates: Here Is The Latest World News Update Today About: Attack on a Shia tomb in southern Iran results in fifteen fatalities.

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Shia Muslim shrine in the Iranian city of Shiraz was attacked on Wednesday, according to the state news agency IRNA, and at least 15 people were killed. Elsewhere, security forces and protesters were fighting to mark the 40 days since Mahsa Amini’s passing.

The attack was described in several ways in the early reports. News outlets reported that three people were involved, despite the fact that the local police chief claimed there had only been one attacker who had been detained.

They were referred to as “takfiri terrorists” by IRNA, the official news agency of Iran, a country with a majority Shia Muslim population. They were not citizens of Iran, according to Nournews, a publication connected to Iran’s main security organisation.

IRNA cited eyewitnesses who claimed that the attackers, who were in a car, fired shots at visitors and employees at the Shah Cheragh shrine’s entrance. Police detained two of the three alleged “terrorists” while searching for the third.


The assault happened on the same day that Iranian security forces started shooting. “Mourners assembled at the cemetery for Mahsa’s memorial service were shot by riot police,” it was reported. There have been numerous arrests, the witness claimed. Authorities in Iran were unavailable for comment.

The internet was shut down following fights between security personnel and cemetery visitors, according to Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency, which said that some 10,000 people had gathered there.

Despite the overwhelming presence of riot police, videos posted on social media showed a march by thousands of Iranians approaching the cemetery where Amini is interred.

As she had been imprisoned for “inappropriate dress,” activists had called for demonstrations to mark the 40 days since her death.

One of the most audacious challenges to the clerical regime since the 1979 revolution, demonstrations were sparked by the death of the 22-year-old on September 16 while being held by Iran’s morality police.

People from all walks of life have taken to the streets in Iran, with some calling for the destruction of the Islamic Republic and the assassination of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

‘Woman, Life, Freedom,’ men and women have gathered around Amini’s grave at the Aichi cemetery in Saqez, according to a witness.

Another Saqez witness reported seeing riot police and volunteers from the Basij militia everywhere in the cemetery.

But there are individuals here from all around the region of Kurdistan. Mahsa’s passing is being mourned collectively.

According to rights organisations, security police had warned Amini’s family not to hold a memorial procession out of fear that it would incite more violent protests on the 40-day anniversary of her passing. If they did, “their son will be arrested,” they said.

Zarei Kusha, the governor of Kurdistan, however, reportedly asserted that there were no limitations on holding a service and that the family had chosen not to have a gathering.

In videos posted to social media, security personnel were seen blocking roads leading to Saqez to stop people from neighbouring cities from congregating at the cemetery. The videos’ veracity could not be confirmed by Reuters.

On Wednesday, all educational institutions in the Kurdistan region were shut down by the government “due to an influenza wave,” according to Iranian state media.

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