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Atlanta Season 3: Release Date Update, Cast, Plot, Trailer & Much More

Donald Glover created the American comedy-drama television series Atlanta Season 3. It debuted on FX on September 6, 2016, and has been renewed for a third and fourth season, which will premiere in 2021. Earnest “Earn” Marks (Glover) and rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) are college dropouts and music managers navigating the Atlanta rap industry. Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie Beet also star.

The Plot Of Atlanta Season 3

After Earn planted a revolver in Clark County’s backpack, which Clark County subsequently planted on his manager Lucas, Season 2 ended with Earn, Alfred, and Clark County on a plane destined for a European tour (Matthew Barnes).

Season 3 will most likely follow that storyline. Season 3 was supposed to film at least partially in Europe, according to John Landgraf, but it was before the epidemic, so whether or not that happened is unknown.

Beyond that, it’s difficult to predict what Atlanta season 3 will be about. The show is highly unexpected, and what appears to be possible in one episode may not be in the next.

Atlanta Season 3

Nobody could have foreseen “Teddy Perkins,” and it’s likely that Glover and his writers — who include his brother Stephen Glover, Emmy winner Stefani Robinson, Fam Udeorji, Ibra Ake, Jamal Lori, and Taofik Kolade — had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Season 4 may or may not be Atlanta’s final season, although Glover has a clause in his Amazon deal that allows him to continue working on it if he so desires.

The Cast Of Atlanta Season 3

Atlanta has helped to make stars out of its whole regular cast, which includes, among others, Glover and Brian Austin Green. Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, and Zazie Beetz are among the cast members. With Tyree Henry set to be in the upcoming Marvel film Eternals, Stanfield garnering Oscar buzz for Judas and the Black Messiah, and Beetz starring in Dead pool 2 and Joker, they’ve all become in-demand and prolific actors. They’ll all be back in Atlanta, though. They’ll return as Alfred a.k.a. Paper Boi, Darius, and Van, respectively.

Glover will, of course, reprise his role as Earnest “Earn” Marks. Due to their hectic schedules, it’s unlikely that they’ll all feature in every episode. (This was also the case in season 2, which featured a few episodes without Glover due to his absence for Solo filming.)Khris Davis as Tracy, Alfred’s freshly paroled pal who argues with Earn, and RJ Walker as Clark County, a rapper with extremely murky moral and ethical character with whom Earn and Alfred cautiously collaborate, are anticipated to join the season 3 cast.

And there will undoubtedly be a mix of famous and not-so-famous guest stars, similar to comedian Katt Williams’ Emmy-winning cameo in season 2. However, no official cast for Season 3 has been announced as of yet.

Release Date & Trailer Update

According to Variety at the time, FX revealed in August 2019 that the fourth season of Atlanta had been commissioned before filming on season 3had even begun, and both seasons would consist of eight episodes. According to D Landgraf revealed in January 2020 that the episode order for season 3 had been extended to ten episodes and that the seasons would shoot back-to-back, with a scheduled launch date of 2021.

Then COVID happened, and production was once again postponed. However, according to a recent Hollywood Reporter piece, filming will finally begin in March.

FX has yet to confirm or even officially hint at the launch date, but if season 3begins production in March as scheduled, it might air as early as fall 2021. But that’s all subject to change.

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