Ateez Announces July Comeback In A Unique Way

Ateez Announces July Comeback In A Unique Way

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Everything We Know About: Ateez Announces July Comeback In A Unique Way

On April 23, KQ Entertainment distributed posters in Seoul and Madrid with a QR code that indicated ATEEZ’s July comeback, shocking fans! This is one of the most unusual and intriguing ways to promote their most recent return. The teaser depicts a sinister twist with glitchy televisions, leaving us wanting more!

The European part of ATEEZ’s 2022 global tour, ‘THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END,’ will take place at Palacio Vistalegre in Madrid, Spain, from April 23rd to 24th. The event will be held over two days.

ATEEZ, who sold out five locations in North America and ten cities in Europe in less than four months after launching their ‘ATEEZ – The Expedition Tour’ in April 2019, is back in the thick of tremendous fan support in Europe.

Additional performances in Madrid, London, and Berlin will be determined, with two-day performances in each of these three locations.

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“The total amount of streams of ATEEZ’s whole album has exceeded 1 billion on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform,” KQ Entertainment stated on April 22nd. This number swiftly topped 900 million on Spotify in February, owing to the recognition of ATEEZ’s fame, which has recently risen in the global music market.

ATEEZ is a Spotify artist with about 2.25 million followers, and it recently achieved a new record with over 3 million monthly listeners. As a result, ATEEZ was chosen as the star of an outdoor billboard in Korea to promote Spotify’s newly rebranded K-Pop flagship playlist, ‘K-Pop ON!’

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Ateez Announces July Comeback In A Unique Way

Wake Up, World, Ateez Comeback 2022

 The notification of Ateez’s reappearance in 2022 was distributed via QR codes. Fans discovered Ateez posters with a special QR code in Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood as well as outside the ATEEZ performance venue in Madrid, Spain.

The QR code linked to a preview film for Ateez’s 2022 comeback, in which the group called out to their supporters, saying, “It’s time.” World, wake up. ‘Have you arrived?’

The teaser finished with the announcement of Ateez’s new comeback date, which is July 2022.

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Ateez’s creative spirit has once again demonstrated that when it comes to taking fans’ imaginations to the next level, he never disappoints.

“No one can do it like ATEEZ when it comes to making a comeback announcement with QR-coded banners hanging on the streets,” a fan said of Ateez’s comeback announcement.

“ATEEZ is executing the coolest and most unusual comeback announcement!!!!” a second fan remarked. Get ready, they literally said!!!! GET READY FOR 2022.07!

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