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Ashley Cole Girlfriend? The Former Footballer Personal Life!!!

Ashley Cole Updates: Ashley Cole keeps his personal and romantic life out of the spotlight. Who is Ashley Cole’s current girlfriend? Cole used to be renowned for partying like there was no tomorrow. Even his exwife couldn’t persuade him to change his habits, and they split up because of his adultery. However, this does not rule out the possibility of such a person loving someone deeply. Someone amazing would come into their lives once in a while and eternally transform them. Ashley, who went through one divorce before finding his soulmate, is another example.

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About Ashley Cole Girlfriend

It’s possible that Cole’s last marriage to singer Cheryl Tweedy failed because they were not meant to be together. Nonetheless, the former footballer has found real love, which has transformed him into a family guy. During an interview, Cole also stated that no one would now be able to find him in nightclubs or at parties. He is now a family guy, and his acts in the past have better prepared him to be a decent father. In the meantime, he and his current partner had two children.

Ashley Cole

Sharon Canu, Ashley Cole’s girlfriend, is a model. She is not just married, but also the mother of the former footballer’s two children. Their connection dates back to 2014, so it’s not brand fresh. Sharon, unlike Ashley, is an Italian model who now lives in Los Angeles. However, it is unknown whether she is still modelling. Cole also prefers to keep his personal life private, since he does not post or discuss anything about his girlfriend on social media. As a result, it could be his way of safeguarding his romantic life and family.

Neither the footballer nor his partner has spoken about how they met. However, they met in 2014 when the footballer joined AS Roma in Italy. Sharon later accompanied him to Los Angeles, where he joined the La Galaxy. The couple is also expected to marry soon, with claims that Ashley proposed to Sharon last year circulating. There is no evidence that the couple had married or been engaged as of yet.

It’s no secret that Ashely’s image among the women was tarnished after they learned of his affair with his exwife. Even his first marriage couldn’t change him in his early days. But, after meeting his current fiancée, Sharon, and starting a family, Ashely’s life changed radically. During an interview, the former footballer declared that he is now a reformed individual who has put his partying days behind him. He stated that he has matured and is now focused on his partner and children. Cole also claimed that he had come to terms with what he had done, and that it had made him a better person.

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