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Artemis I: NASA Now Eyes May Launch For Moon Mission After Delays: Latest Updates

Artemis I, NASA’s unmanned mission that will pave the way for people to return to the Moon after decades, is unlikely to launch before the summer of this year. The timeline for the ambitious mission’s actual launch has been changed multiple times due to the fact that the team behind it was not ready with all of the necessary preparations.

The final prelaunch test was originally slated for February 2022, but it was later moved to March. NASA officials have recently stated that an April launch is no longer viable, and that a launch window in May is being considered.However, this may be difficult to achieve. Following the dress rehearsal, a large amount of data will need to be analysed.

If an issue is discovered, it must be resolved before the actual date is set.At a virtual news conference, NASA’s deputy associate administrator for exploration systems development, Tom Whit Meyer, said, “We continue to analyse the May window, but we’re also realising that there’s a lot of work ahead of us.

“The “wet dress rehearsal” will take place on March 17 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, according to the source. For the Artemis mission, NASA will put the Space Launch System (SLS),the most powerful rocket yet built, to the test. The Orion spacecraft will surpass the SLS.

Artemis I was supposed to be released in November 2021. NASA then declared that it would aim for a launch in mid-February, but that it had provided two alternate launch dates.The Artemis missions will make history by landing the first woman and the first person of colour on the Moon’s surface, establishing the basis for a longterm lunar presence and serving as a stepping stone to sending people to Mars for the first time.

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Nasa is currently conducting pre-flight diagnostic tests and hardware closeouts, including testing the SLS’s flight termination system and installing instrumentation on the twin solid rocket boosters, in preparation for the rocket and spacecraft’s first roll to Launch Pad 39B next month for a final test before launch.”

The last test, dubbed the wet dress rehearsal,” would “walk the launch team through operations to load propellant into the rocket’s tanks and complete a full launch countdown,” according to a blog post by the American agency.

Engineers will be on duty at the Launch Control Center and other stations where they will work during the Artemis I launch during the wet dress rehearsal. They will gather as much information as can about the performance of all SLS and Orion spacecraft systems, as well as the Kennedy ground systems.

Nasa will announce a target launch date for the first uncrewed mission once this wet dress rehearsal is completed and the data has been analysed. According to Nasa, the launch window for May is between 721, and if the mission isn’t ready and on the launch pad by then, the next opportunity will be between 616 in June.

Because this will be the maiden flight of the moon rocket, the space agency is taking extra precautions during the trip.Following the success of Artemis1, Artemis2 will be launched, with astronauts on board. NASA will send the first woman and person of colour to the Moon as part of Artemis.

After that, the mission will be used to establish the basis for future trips beyond the Moon to Mars and beyond.”We’re returning to the Moon for scientific discoveries, economic rewards, and inspiration for a new generation of explorers,” Nasa has stated.

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