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Arcadian Atlas Game: Latest Updates!!!


Arcadian Atlas Game Updates: In the world of Arcadia, keep an eye on your back, as a kingdom is ripping itself apart, and forces darker and more ancient than the dirt are about to emerge. Build an army of formidable troops, tailoring their classes and talents to get every advantage against monsters, vicious men, a daughter scorned, and a queen so evil she’d kill her own husband to take the crown, as you engage in sophisticated tactical battles across vast and perilous landscapes.

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The trailer shows off the various units that players will be able to enrol in their group, as well as some character sequences. The best moments, though, are the brief bursts of combat that showcase some stunning retro-styled SRPG bouts. This is the trail to watch if you haven’t seen the game yet.


CAVALIER TREE – the powerhouse class, undeterred in battle with their hefty armors and sharpened swords, build an army of warriors and secret characters from more than 12 custom classes, including:

Cavaliers can become Inquisitors, who can turn adversaries undead and cripple them with Holy strikes, or Ronins, who can enter fatal trances and give up control for significant battlefield advantages.

Arcadian Atlas Game

Warmancers can study the ways of scorching flames, slowing ice, or unpredictable lightning to slaughter adversaries, according to pacts they’ve forged with creation’s most basic elements. They can become Sorcerers, agents of chaos who take magic to extremes and relish in the battleground, or Druids, who have learnt to generate great occurrences from nothing and lay lethal magic traps, with enough study.

Rangers seize higher ground and rain down havoc or fire powerful elemental bolts across the battlefield to stun and disable adversaries. Their abilities make them ideal candidates for upgrading to Hunters, who obtain an animal partner to lay traps and dive bomb unsuspecting soldiers, or Reavers, who vanish in clouds of smoke before reappearing to knife their enemies in the vitals.

APOTHECARY TREE – the local mad scientist, concocting special brews that erupt in mists, restoring the weak to fighting condition or destroying entire swaths of the battlefield with acids and explosive materials. Apothecaries can become Monks, who can chain lightning fast punches together or channel magical energies to heal or hurt, or Shamans, who can manipulate the powers of life and death by summoning strength from the skies or sacrificing friends to harm their enemies.


Players will travel through the story of a society divided by political and familial divisions, sinister machinations, deadly alliances, and covert intrigues in Arcadian Atlas, just as ancient evil forces emerge. Regrettably, the queen has made up her mind that she will go to whatever length to obtain the throne, and no one will stand in her way. Players will assemble a party of characters with over 12 different classes to save Arcadia. Each class has its own set of skills and equipment, allowing players to tailor their experience.

The story follows two lovers caught between the queen they’ve sworn devotion to and the charismatic illegitimate daughter who’s risen to claim a kingdom denied her—civil war threatening to engulf the impoverished and desperate as battle lines are set and swords are unsheathed.


Serenity Forge has released a new trailer for Arcadian Atlas, a tactical RPG created by Twin Otter Studios and set for a PC release on Steam in 2022.

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