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Apple Watch Fingerprint Sensor Could Be Coming, Patent Indicates:

On the Apple Watch, the fingerprint sensor can be located underneath the Digital Crown.


• Fingerprints may be used to secure the Apple Watch.
• The USPTO has approved the patent.
• Passcode security is currently available for Apple Watch.

The Cupertino corporation has been granted a patent that proposes the development of a smartwatch-like gadget carrying a biometric sensor, so an Apple Watch with a fingerprint reader may be in the works. Since the initial release of the Apple Watch in 2015, Apple has added a number of fitness-tracking capabilities to entice iPhone customers to purchase the free device.

However, biometric authentication has not yet been available for the Apple Watch family. To prevent unauthorized access to the Apple Watch, Apple has nevertheless given users the option of setting a passcode.
Apple has obtained a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that describes an Apple Watch with a fingerprint sensor, as first reported by Patently Apple.

According to the patent application, the Apple Watch could eventually feature a physical button with a fingerprint scanner below the Digital Crown.
Input component that forms the exterior surface of the button housing and is designed to receive inputs, such as from an electronic device user, may be included in the biometric button assembly, according to the patent application.

For the purpose of preventing “contaminants from entering the button housing and the enclosure,” Apple may employ a seal. This suggests that the Apple Watch with fingerprint recognition might keep its resistance to dust and water.
To provide further references about the current progress, the patent documentation also includes some images.

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Apple Watch Fingerprint Sensor Could Be Coming

Despite The Fact That Apple Submitted The Application To The USPTO In November 2020, The US Government Approved The Filing On July 5 Of This Year:

It is significant to note that Apple, along with other tech businesses, files patents for a variety of technologies they internally examine.
Patent applications, however, do not necessarily imply that we will eventually see the technology in commercial applications.
Manufacturers occasionally only submit patent applications for separate prototypes that differ from the products that will actually hit the market. Consequently, it is fair to take the patented details with a grain of salt.

However, those looking for wearables with a higher level of privacy may be able to notice the Apple Watch with biometric authentication.
Users would be able to utilise the Apple Watch to make biometrically authenticated payments thanks to this development. In comparison to passcodes, it might make safeguarding the device easier.

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