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Apple Said To Hire Key Lamborghini Vetern Luigi Taraborrelli To Work On Its Electric Car!!!


Apple apparently wants to introduce its self-driving electric car.

  • Luigi Taraborrelli was hired by the iPhone manufacturer.

The Urus and the Huracan were among the models that Luigi Taraborrelli worked on.


Apple Updates: People with insider information claim that Apple’s hiring of one of Lamborghini’s top automobile development managers is a sign that the company is moving quickly to develop a selfdriving electric car.

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The company reportedly hired Luigi Taraborrelli, a 20year veteran of the Italian automaker, to help lead the design of Apple’s upcoming vehicle. The insiders asked to remain anonymous because the information is private. Taraborrelli most recently held the position of director of chassis and vehicle dynamics at Lamborghini. This decision is just another proof that Apple is still committed to creating a car despite years of difficulties and turbulence.


Due to his experience, Taraborrelli rises to the position of senior manager on Apple’s EV team and gives the project an exotic-car flair. Along with more well-known Lamborghini models like the Urus, Huracan, and Aventador, the executive also worked on more specialised models like the Huracan Sterrato off road vehicle and Asterion concept car. He oversaw the development of the Lamborghini chassis in addition to handling, springs, steering, brakes, and wheels, according to his LinkedIn profile. A representative for Apple decided not to comment on the hiring. Apple hired a veteran of the Ford Motor Company with 31 years of expertise earlier this year for its car safety projects. Ulrich Kranz, a former CEO of struggling electric vehicle manufacturer Canoo and head of BMW’s electric car division, was hired by the business last year. A former Tesla employee has already been hired by Apple. The focus of Stuart Bowers, CEO of Autopilot, will be on automated driving technology. On an Apple initiative, numerous exengineers from Tesla and other manufacturers are currently working, including Rivian Automotive, Alphabet’s Waymo, Volvo Car AB, and MercedesBenz Group AG. It also works with former top design executives from Tesla, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Porsche. Bloomberg claims that the corporation intends to introduce a car with a configuration that puts passengers face-to-face in a limo like cabin around 2025. The business has ambitious intentions to create a car without a steering wheel or pedals, relying instead on completely autonomous technology, despite the doubts of many team members and industry experts that such a move is achievable on Apple’s current schedule.

Despite the recent additions, the team has lost some significant players, including the previous project manager Doug Field and the expert in artificial intelligence Ian Good fellow. Field had been working with Tesla’s automotive programmes before joining Apple in 2018. After around three years, a rather brief time for an Apple executive in charge of a significant endeavour, he departed the iPhone manufacturer to join Ford. Kevin Lynch, who is in charge of the company’s Apple Watch and health software teams, and John Giannandrea, its head of machine learning, are presently in charge of the car project. Since at least 2014, Apple has been developing an electric vehicle, but the endeavour has been beset by difficulties, such as leadership changes, strategy adjustments, and layoffs.

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