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Announcing The First NFT Airdrop For The Community And Phone 1 Pre-Order Members, Nothing Partner With Polygon!!!


  • Nothing has partnered with Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution.
  • On July 7, the first round of NFT airdrops will start.
  • Solana is also developing its own Android smartphone.

NFT Airdrop Updates: The developer of Phone (1), Nothing, has declared that it would give non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its community investors via airdrop. The NFT collection, also known as Nothing Community Dots, is the first stage of a partnership with carbon-neutral Ethereum scaling solution Polygon to act as a mobile user’s entry point to the Web 3 world. Members of the membership program will have access to private community material, unlock unique benefits like product discounts, enter exclusive offline events, and more.

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After the airdrop on July 7, users will find their “Black Dot” on their “My NFT Page,” where they can get the airdrop by logging into their Nothing account, connecting or creating a crypto wallet, and then going there.


 To participate in the airdrop, eligible users must register between July 5 and August 12. The actual airdrop will happen between July 7 and July 13. Nothing stated that customers should attempt to acquire the most unique benefits as soon as they can through NFT redemption.

10 Black Dot owners from Nothing’s exclusive community will receive the first reward: a chance to win exclusive invitations to the Phone (1) launch and entry to an event called “Return to instinct” on July 12 in London.

NFT Airdrop

Although there have been a few launches of smartphones with a crypto or NFT focus in the recent weeks, Nothing’s partnership with Polygon aims to expand the brand’s appeal beyond consumer technology, making it one of the first in the industry to link traditional goods with the rapidly expanding Web 3 market.

 In the future, the aim is to make all of Nothing’s phone products and other ecosystem devices future-ready by allowing sustainable and secure access to Web 3 applications, according to a Polygon blog post announcing the partnership.

“How can we interact with the user even more? The cell phone is the world’s biggest distribution platform. Basically, the timing was favourable so that we can now make this technology accessible to everyone, “Arjun Kalsy, vice president of growth at Polygon, said this in a statement to Decrypt.

While Jason Keats, the former head of research and development of Essential Phone, is now working with OSOM Products, a startup, to create its own smartphone, Solana is attempting to reach a larger Web 3 audience through a similar means.

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