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Angel Beats Season 2: Latest Updates!!!


Angel Beats Season 2:‘Angel Beats’ is an anime that combines a variety of genres, including comedy, action, adventure, ‘slice of life,’ and a touch of romance. However, it is primarily a full-fledged dark mystery anime that has the potential to terrify you. It reminds you of ‘The Maze Runner,’ in which teenage individuals are thrown into a situation they have no knowledge of. However, as the storey progresses, you and the characters will work together to solve the secrets of the world they live in. This, in particular, demonstrates the anime’s greatest strength. It is continually presenting the most innovative new concepts, keeping you entertained throughout the performance. The environment that is gradually built upon delves deeply and reveals itself in such a way that you are constantly anticipating what will happen next.

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However, with 13 episodes and so much information revealed throughout the show, everything becomes very confusing. Now, chaos isn’t always a bad thing in anime because it may sometimes help you understand the characters better. The anime, on the other hand, leaps from one story twist to the next with little time for you to catch your breath. I believe the 13-episode structure was a horrible choice because, as innovative as most of the ideas given to us appear to be, they all feel out of place and rushed. The cast is fantastic, but the pacing detracts from their performances, and they all appear to be disconnected from the characters they are portraying in the show. This is why it doesn’t have the “oomph!” factor to it. ‘Angel Beats’ has a lot of potential, but due of the rushing, it just doesn’t stand out.

Angel Beats Season 2

Those who have seen ‘Angel Beats’ are likely to agree with me, and they believe the anime deserves another chance to exhibit its true potential. So, if you’re still expecting for a new season, we might have some good news for you in the near future.


‘Angel Beats’ is a Japanese anime series directed by Seiji Kishi and created by Jun Maeda. Unlike most other anime series, this one’s manga adaption was released after the broadcast. Jun Maeda simply wrote the manga to cover some aspects of the plot that he couldn’t properly fit into the anime’s 13 episodes. The show was well-received at its initial release, and the Japan Media Arts Festival recognized it as a recommended work.

The anime follows Otanashi, a character who awakens and realizes that he is deaf. A girl named Yuri approaches him and informs him that they are already dead in the real world and are in the hereafter. Otanashi attempts but fails to remember who he was in a previous life, remembering only his initial name. At first, Otanashi feels panicked, but he quickly regains control and begins to listen to what Yuri has to say. Yuri invites him to join her Shinda Sekai Sensen (commonly known as the SSS), an afterlife battleground against Tenshi. She argues that Tenshi is bad and that the only way to get rid of her is to fight her.

Otanashi joins the SSS after being persuaded by her statements. He soon discovers, however, that he is curiously drawn to Tenshi. This suggests that she may have a connection to his prior existence. He tries to reclaim his memories of his old life, but the more he tries, the better he understands Tenshi and how she might be connected to his past.


Despite the fact that the main season has been out for more than a decade, there have been no announcements about Angel Beats season 2 to far. Apart from an OVA, that’s all there is to it for the time being. In the unlikely event that the anime is restored, the release date for Angel Beats season 2 might be somewhere in 2022.

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Bhoomika Sheshadri
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