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Android Auto for Phone Screens to Stop Working Soon, Upcoming Update Bugged With Wireless Issues

According to a rumor, the Android Auto for Phone Screens program, which has been used as a workaround to access Android Auto features in older cars, will soon stop working. The news comes only weeks after Google announced that an improved version of Android Auto is in the works, with a new user interface and support for suggested responses based on Google Assistant’s contextual suggestions.

Meanwhile, according to a different story, Android Auto beta testers are having issues with the app’s setup procedure and wireless connection. The initial story comes from 9to5Google, which cites Reddit posts stating that the Android Auto for Phone Screens app is currently displaying a notice stating that “Android Auto for Phone Screens will stop working soon.” 

While Google has not provided any official information on a specific closing date, the statement appears to imply that the experience will be phased down in the near future.


  • Google could be experimenting with a new way to set up the experience.
  • It does not work wirelessly, but it is perfectly functional when linked to a vehicle.
  • Google is set to release a new version of Android Auto in the near future.

It’s Worth Nothing that Google Announced Last Year That the Standalone App Would be Discontinues Starting With Android 12

Android Auto

In an Android Auto-related development, beta testers on Reddit have reported a variety of difficulties (via Android Police). Google appears to be experimenting with a new setup process for the experience.

According to users, Android Auto on their phones is displaying a message about a setup process that isn’t operating over a WiFi connection. When connected to an automobile, though, the process works perfectly. Google released a new version of Android Auto a few weeks ago, and this setup process is expected to be included in the upgraded version.

The next version will feature a new user interface that combines navigation, media, and communication into a single screen. Google Assistant’s contextual suggestions for messages and music recommendations will be included in this update. According to Google, this update will contribute to a safer driving experience.

What Exactly is the Replacement?

Many people are probably asking what will replace this on-phone experience for Auto now that it has been discontinued. Unfortunately, there isn’t a complete alternative on the table. You’re pretty much out of luck unless you’re prepared to spend the money on a new vehicle with Auto or a device that adds it to an existing vehicle.

However, Google has a different experience that can be used in a car. With Android 12, Google Assistant Driving Mode added a driving-optimized experience to Google Maps and Assistant, both of which integrate with media apps. It’s a very different experience, but one that may deal with many of the same issues.

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