American Ninja Warrior Season 13

American Ninja Warrior Season 13: Update- An American sports entertainment. The Series is based on Sasuke by Ushio Higuchi. The series has been directed by Jay Hunter and Patrick McManus.The series has been originated in the United States and in the English Language.

Craig Piligian, Kristen Stabile, Andrea Richter, Anthony Storm, Arthur Smith, Brian Richardson, Kent Weed, Viki Cacciatore, Kent Weed, and Holly Wofford. The production company behind the series is Pilgrim Films & Television.NBCUniversal Television Distribution is the distributor of the series.
Season 12 of the series has been already released, now it’s turning for Season 13.

Here are the details for Season 13 -When it will be going to release? What are the age requirements for Season 13?, What type of Competition will be there in Season 13? What are the places where filming has been done for Season 13 of ‘American Ninja warrior’? Let’s have a sneak-peek into it-

American Ninja Warrior Season 13: Release Date Update

Season 12 of the series got released on September 7 and continues till November 6 of 2020. The official date for Season 13 is out, Season 13 will get released on
May 31 and will continue till September 20, 2021, on NBC. Age Requirements for Season 13 of the series ‘American Ninja Warrior’

American Ninja Warrior Season 13

In the Initial Season, the age requirement for the competitors was 21&up. After few years, the show has allowed the competitors of age 18 to participate. And now when Season 13, we’re approaching the show has allowed the competitors of ages 15-18 as well to participate. And along with that, teenagers are allowed to compete with adults competitors as well.

Types of Competition in Season 13 of the series ‘American Ninja Warrior’

This season will also include a family competition. And in each family, there will be a team of 3 members, among which one member should be a teenage of age 15-19 years. There will be 6 obstacles present, and among them, the team has to make efforts to strive for 2 obstacles. And the family who will be able to cross them will further compete on The Power Tower.


The Filming of the series will be held in Los Angeles, Washington, California, and Seattle, and filming for finals is done in Las Vegas and Nevada.
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