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America And Its Failed War On Terror: Know All The Info..!

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The Introduction

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America And Its Failed War Updates: 20 years have passed since the deadly and the most dangerous terrorist attack took place known globally as 9/11 in the United States. The devastation was so huge,  that immediately after the aftermath President George W. Bush, the then President of the United States declared open war on terror and the declaration led to a cataclysmic campaign of Operation on Both Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan and Iraq

It was 2001 when the United States-led coalition invaded the landlocked Country to dismantle the terrorist organisation that took the responsibility of the terror attack on 9/11 and especially in search of its leader, Osama Bin Laden, who is regarded as the mastermind behind the attacks. You must have wondered why is it that the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban is an event which the international community disapproves.

America And Its Failed War

Taliban is known for harbouring the different Terrorist organisation like Al-Qaeda back when it rose to power in late 1990s. The aggressive military of United States were that time in 2001, were able to send those militants from Al-Qaeda hiding and overthrow of terror harbouring government of Taliban. When the war was declared, Bush Came up giving the International community an unequivocal ultimatum for either be with them or against them in this open war.

Then in 2003, he leveraged his power and convinced allies that it is Iraq under the presidency of Saddam Hussein, had developed mass weapons of destruction and is an imminent threat for all of us as the states sponsor terrorism. The Bush administration was so determined to attack on Iraq and so they did which resulted devastatingly for Iraq.

America And Its Failed War

World has witnessed how after America withdrew its military from Afghanistan, how immediately the Taliban again took over Kabul. After occupying Afghanistan for 20 long years, what America has ended with?

America was able to hunt down the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks Osama Bin Laden, but did the “War On terror” claimed victory? No, there has not been any dismantling of terror organisations, and America occupying Afghanistan could not clearly was able to achieve; It failed in the War of terror. The present Biden Administration has received several backlashes from both sides on withdrawal of the army which led to Taliban taking control of Kabul.

However, Taliban on various international platforms has promised to be an inclusive government and will not harbour terrorism. But can we believe them looking at the current situation in Afghanistan, popularly known as the “Graveyard of Emperors”.

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