Alive: The Zombie Attack! Release Details, Cast Info, Plot and Trailer

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Alive is a 2020 South Korean zombie film. This film is directed by Cho 2- hyung. Producer of this film is Eugene Lee, Saemi Kim and Saerom Kim. Min-kyeong Shin is the editor of this film and Won-ho Son is the cinematographer of this film. Zip Cinema and Perspective Pictures is the production company of this film. Music was done by Tae-seong Kim. Distributor of this film is Lotte Entertainment. South Korea is the country of origin and Korean is the original language of this film. It hits the Box office with USD$ 13.6 million.



Alive: Plot Lines

This is such a wonderful story where Joon-woo who lives with his parents and sister in an apartment complex where he spends his day’s video game live streaming. While his family is out the news reports that a mysterious rapidly-spreading disease is causing its victims to attack and eat uninfected people, and the government has lost control. This was driven by grief he prepares to hang himself but stops when he is flashed by a laser pointer’s beam from Yoo-bin, another survivor living in the apartment opposite of his balcony and they begin signaling to each other daily. At last in the stranger’s home the pair accepts his food which has been drugged and the stranger cuffs the inebriated pair then they try to feed the Yoo-bin to his infected wife.

Alive: Cast and Characters

There was so many characters in leading roles in this film and some of the famous characters included Yoo Ah-in acted as Oh Joon-woo, Park Shin-Hye acted as Kim Yoo-bin, Lee Hyun-work acted as Lee Sang-chul, Oh Hye-won acted as the policewoman, Jeon Bae-soo acted as a masked man, Lee Chae-kyung acted as the Zombified wife of the masked man. Many other characters in supporting role were also included in this film. They had play their role in a very professional and befitting manner. Due to which this film received various acclaimed and good reviews from the critics and the viewers.

Alive: Release Details


This film was released in South Korea on 24th June 2020 and in August 2020, Netflix acquired the international distribution rights to the film which was later released through worldwide on 8th September 2020. First filming was began on 1st October 2019 and the filming takes place in Gunsan and wrapped up on December 12, 2019.
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