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Albania Disables Its Public Services And Governmental Networks Following An Outside Cyberattack!!!1

Albania Updates: The government of Albania closed most civil state offices nationwide in May; this responsibility was transferred to the online portal e-Albania.

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• On Sunday, all online public services and official websites were shut down.
• The country’s Parliament website had to be shut down by AKSHI.
• A similar hack recently targeted Norway.

Are all websites for the government and the public closed because of a system breakdown or a cyberattack from outside Albania? Take a look at the background right here.

According to a press release from the Albanian National Agency for the Information Society, all online public services and government websites in Albania were shut down following a concerted cyberattack from abroad on Sunday (AKSHI).

In order to fend off these unprecedented and deadly strikes, the statement said, “We have been forced to shut down government systems until enemy attacks are neutralised.

The government portal e-Albania, which is utilised by all Albanians and foreigners, as well as the website of the Prime Minister’s Office of the country’s parliament, have reportedly been shut down by the agency, according to AKSHI. goes. citizens in need of public services.
The National Agency is currently collaborating closely with Microsoft team, Jones Group International team, and teams of Albanian firms in the ICT sector to prevent this cyber attack from harming or compromising the Albanian information system, according to the statement.
The majority of civil state offices in Albania, which offer many services and official documents to citizens, will be shuttered as of May 1. This will significantly increase the importance of the government’s online portal e-Albania. Last month, a cyberattack in Norway briefly brought down a number of private and public websites.


A secure national data network was the target of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, according to the Norwegian National Security Authority, which caused the temporary suspension of internet services for many hours after the occurrence.

A pro-Russian criminal gang, according to NSM chief Sophie Nistram, was responsible for the cyberattack. He claimed that the assaults “create the perception that we are a part of the ongoing political crisis in Europe.”

Two days have passed since the current cyberattack identical to the one that targeted Norway. According to reports, a pro-Moscow hacker gang temporarily took down both public and private websites in Lithuania and took credit for it.

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