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Al-Shabab: 12 Muslims Were Killed In A Hotel Attack In Somalia

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Al-Shabab: 12 Muslims Were Killed In A Hotel Attack In Somalia

In the latest political news update in Africa, you are going to get all the information about Al-Shabab: 12 Muslims were killed in a hotel attack in Somalia. Learn more about political news today by reading the full article.

Fighting has continued in the Somali city of Mogadishu for the past 24 hours after an Islamist militant group attacked a hotel.

Al-attack Shabab’s has claimed the lives of at least 12 Muslims, however, some local media outlets have speculated the number could be higher.

Before sneaking inside the hotel on Friday night, the assailants planted at least two explosive devices outside.

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The Number of Shooters Inside Keeping Captives Is Still Unknown 

The Washington Post

Numerous visitors and employees have been saved. An intelligence officer who only revealed his first name as Mohammed earlier told Reuters news agency that “so far we have confirmed 12 individuals, largely civilians, perished.”

The hotel, which was a popular gathering spot for federal government employees, was alleged “forcibly infiltrated” by a gang of militants after the initial attack, according to a website associated with al-Shabab.

The hospital is currently caring for at least 40 casualties of both the hotel attack and a separate mortar attack on a different area of the capital, the chief trauma hospital in Mogadishu’s Dr. Mohamed Abdirahman Jama.

The BBC was informed by local journalist Abdalle Mumin that relatives of those still missing or trapped were outside the hotel.

The ambulance, firefighters, police, and other emergency personnel are all on standby and working to salvage everything they can from the situation, he said.

However, access to the scene is quite difficult since the family we have spoken to and citizens report that their loved ones are still imprisoned.

Additionally, there are rumors that there are dead bodies within the hotel, but nobody has been able to enter.

In the initial assault on the hotel, two vehicle bombs were utilized, a police official told Reuters. The first one, in his words, “struck a barrier next to the hotel, and then the second one hit the hotel gate.”

Mr. Mumin, who was in the area of the hotel at the time of the attack, reported hearing a “big explosion” and going to the scene to tell what had happened.

“The Hayat Hotel was emitting a lot of smoke, which we could see. Gunfire followed an estimated five huge explosions “She said.

Al-Shabab, An Affiliate of Al-Qaeda, and The Federal Government have been at Odds for a very long time:


The group is in charge of a large portion of southern and central Somalia, but it has also managed to exert influence over regions that are under the jurisdiction of the Mogadishu-based government.

Concerns have been raised regarding al-potential Shabab’s new approach as a result of fighters connected to the organization attacking areas along the Somalia-Ethiopia border in recent weeks.

The gang has only launched one attack in the capital of the country—on Friday—since Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected as Somalia’s new president in May.

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