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After the Supreme Court’s Decision In Roe V Wade, Abortion Facilities Began to Close

Abortion clinics all throughout the US have begun to close since the Supreme Court reversed its 50-year-old Roe v Wade decision, which granted women a constitutional right to the procedure.

Following the 5-4 decision on Friday, around half of the states are anticipated to enact new guidelines or prohibitions, 13 of which have already prohibited abortion, according to the BBC.

In Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Dakota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Alabama, trigger laws—which permit an immediate ban—have already been implemented.

After receiving approval from respective Attorney Generals, bans will take effect in North Dakota and Mississippi.

Utah’s ban must first be approved by a legislative council, while Wyoming’s ban will go into force in five days. Within 30 days, bans will be implemented in Texas, Tennessee, and Idaho.

As soon as the court’s decision was published online on Friday afternoon, the doors to the patient area at an abortion clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas, shut.

Staff personnel called the women to advise them that their appointments had been canceled.

“Bad news frequently surprises us and stings even with the finest planning. It pains me to have to inform these patients that Roe v. Wade has been reversed. A hospital nurse is a source cited by the BBC.

The Women’s Health Care Centre, one of the three abortion clinics in the state, was shut down in New Orleans, Louisiana.

According to estimates cited by the BBC from Planned Parenthood, a healthcare organization that performs abortions, nearly 36 million women of reproductive age will no longer be able to receive The Supreme Court’s ruling has led to an increase in abortions.

Anti-abortion activists celebrated the verdict outside the court in Washington, but demonstrations were scheduled to take place in more than 50 places throughout the US.

Roe v Wade: Widespread Criticism of the Decision has Resulted

Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court’s decision, according to President Joe Biden, will endanger the lives and health of women.

He described the situation as the “realization of an extremist ideology and a tragic error by the Supreme Court.”

The Republican-controlled Supreme Court, according to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “has achieved the GOP’s dark and extreme goal of snatching away women’s ability to make their own reproductive health decisions.”

“American women today have less freedom than their mothers did. This terrible conclusion is abhorrent and heartless. But make no mistake, in November, there will be a vote on American rights for women and everyone else.”

The governors of California, Washington, and Oregon have committed to safeguarding women seeking abortions while traveling from other states.

In the well-known Roe v. Wade case of 1973, the Supreme Court decided by a vote of seven to two that a woman’s right to stop her pregnancy was protected by the US constitution.

The ruling granted American women the unrestricted right to an abortion during the first three months of pregnancy; but, it also allowed restrictions during the second trimester and prohibitions during the third.

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