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Afghanistan: Former Army General Vows New War Against Taliban

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Afghanistan vs Taliban: After eight months of Taliban authority, many Afghans believe military intervention is the only way forward, according to Lt Gen Sami Sadat. He said operations could start next month after the Islamic Eid season when he wants to travel to Afghanistan.

The Taliban started a fast assault to gain control of the country last August. Hardline Islamists swept throughout the country in just ten days after the final USled Nato forces left after a 20year military operation.

Lt Gen Sadat told the BBC that he and others will “do all and everything in our power” to free Afghanistan from the Taliban and restore the country’s democratic government.

When will Afghanistan vs Taliban come to an end?

Sunday Observer

“We will continue to resist until we restore our freedom until we achieve our free will,” he said, refusing to give a specific time frame. The general emphasized that the Taliban had been imposing more severe rules, including significant restrictions on women’s and girls’ rights, and that it was time to stop their totalitarian rule and start a new chapter.

“In the eight months since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, we’ve witnessed nothing but increased religious restrictions, misquotation, misinterpretation, and political exploitation of passages from the Holy Koran.” He said that he had intended to give the Taliban a 12month grace period to see whether they would change.

“Unfortunately, every day you wake up, the Taliban have something fresh to do – torture, murder, disappearances, food shortages, and child malnutrition.” He said he gets hundreds of texts a day from Afghans inquiring about his plans.

Many Afghans, on the other hand, are tired of war, desperate to flee, or struggling to make ends meet in a country torn apart by more than 40 years of warfare. The country is suffering from “war fatigue,” according to the UN, with millions on the verge of starvation.

Many people in rural areas who bore the brunt of Nato’s anti-Taliban operation have welcomed the relative calm now that US and Afghan fighter jets have left the skies and Taliban attacks have ended. Lt Gen Sadat, who commanded Afghan government forces in the southern province of Helmand during the Taliban invasion, is also accused of ordering attacks that killed civilians.

He denied the charges when asked about them. In August of last year, he was tasked to lead the Afghan special forces, and he arrived in Kabul on the day the Taliban overran the country, compelling his commander-in-chief, President Ashraf Ghani, to leave.

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