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Afghan Resistance Attack Taliban, Sparking Reprisals In Panjshir: Latest Updates!!!

Afghan Updates: During skirmishes with resistance forces in Panjshir fiefdom, north of Kabul, the Taliban has been indicted of mortal rights violations.

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According to a original occupant, the party that seized power in Afghanistan last August shot an unarmed senior relative. Another witnessed a neighbour being beaten unconscious by the Taliban.

A original Taliban spokesperson denied that any violations had passed or that any members of the group had been taken. The combat is localised and doesn’t pose a trouble to the Taliban’s control of Afghanistan at this time, but it’s the most harmonious fortified opposition the group has faced since taking power.

During the Taliban’s original reign of terror in the 1990s, Panjshir was a seedbed ofanti-Taliban opposition. In recent days, National Resistance Front fighters started a guerrilla crusade on Taliban forces in the area, egging the Taliban to shoot mounts to Panjshir.

Ahmad Massoud, the son of a prominentanti-Taliban fighter who fled Afghanistan after the Taliban took power, leads the NRF. Former Afghan army battalions have also advanced their backing to the organisation.

Original sources informed the BBC on condition of obscurity that the brawl was sparked by a religious disagreement. According to them, the Taliban tried to arrest a Panjshir clerk who ordered that the Muslim festivity of Eid should be observed a day latterly than the Taliban had ordered.


Details on casualty figures, as well as the compass of the combat, are delicate to come by. The Taliban appear to be de-emphasizing the fighting, while the NRF’s statements are constantly inflated. According to two original reports, the Taliban have so far killed roughly 15 unarmed people in Panjshir.

Clashes erupted in the vale of Abdullah Khel at first, but original sources stated the violence there had ended. Hundreds of people were said to have fled their homes and headed towards the mountains in fear of Taliban insurgents approaching.

One townie claimed that his aged manly relative stayed at home but was forced to point out the homes of resistance fighters by Taliban members. According to the townie, he and another man were also shot dead.

The specific circumstances girding the killings are delicate to establish, but the BBC has seen images of the men’s bodies. An hour from Kabul is the’undefeated’Panjshir Valley.



• Taliban has put the newest limitation on women’s faces.
• The Taliban turned down a BBC assignation to visit the region.

Another original told the BBC that during a Taliban hunt operation, one of his cousins came spooked and began running down from them. He was fatally shot.

On social media, footage shows large groups of men being detained by Taliban dogfaces.When the individual denied the claim or that he possessed any munitions, he was” demurred, pummelling, and bombarded with the butt of a rifle until he went unconscious,” according to the source.

A Taliban spokesperson in Panjshir informed the BBC that no combat had passed in the fiefdom, despite another original Taliban source telling Afghan news point Tolo News that six Taliban zealots had been killed in skirmishes.

The bodies of 15 fighters from Helmand fiefdom in the south have been flown back from Panjshir, according to sources.

Other regions of Panjshir, as well as Andarab, a neighbouring quarter in Baghlan fiefdom, and Warsaj, in northern Takhar fiefdom, have seen clashes and allegations of mortal rights violations. The Tajik ethnical group dominates them each, whereas the Taliban are Pashtun- dominated..


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