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Adele: At The Comeback Hyde Park Gig, Emotion And Simplicity Are Enough!!!

Adele Updates: Adele briefly felt overwhelmed at the beginning of her first public performance in five years, but she quickly recovered and told the crowd she was “very pleased” to be back on stage. The opening lyrics of Hello caused the pop star’s cool to momentarily slip as she took in the enormous crowd in London’s Hyde Park. She started singing again right away and played a two-hour stint that delighted the 65,000 spectators in her hometown. She said to them, “It’s so strange to be in front of a crowd again.

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If a Las Vegas residency that was supposed to begin in January had gone forward, this would not have been her live homecoming. She tearfully informed ticket buyers that it “ain’t ready,” but she decided to postpone it 24 hours before the first performance. She said on Friday’s broadcast that she would make the revised US tour dates known “very, very soon” and that she was awaiting the arrival of one more piece of gear.

Her early expression of emotion was a demonstration of the approachable demeanour that makes her so appealing. It quickly became clear that the glammed-up girl next door still has the power to evoke strong emotions in a way that few other pop performers can. As she listened to the audience sing the chorus to Someone Like You, she once again appeared overcome. Few of the 18 bittersweet torch songs she performed were not accompanied by emotional sing-alongs.

Along with those emotional outbursts, she also showed signs of relief at being back on a large stage. Although she did perform on two television specials in November to support her most recent album 30, this was her first actual ticketed performance. She stated on Friday, “I am so anxious before every show, but I love being up here.


Many others who were planning to see her in Vegas may question why she wasn’t able to perform there as well. She obviously feels bad about the mishap. She acknowledged to the London audience that many people had been disappointed, adding, “which is mortifying for me.” However, she said that she “had to” make that choice. She still hasn’t fully clarified the reason. Her preparations for the BST Hyde Park festival weren’t very difficult. A six-piece band and three supporting singers were set up on two 2 foot stairs in front of her as she stood.

They were surrounded by layered fringes of beautifully coloured tassels that lifted up midway through the performance to expose the centre of a wraparound screen that served as the stage’s backdrop. She once appeared at the end of a catwalk that reached into the audience with a grand piano. At the conclusion, there were some rockets, confetti, and flame throwers.

Those extra bells and whistles didn’t seem very essential, and the fans would have been content with just her characteristic between-song banter from north London. She gave out dedications like a local radio DJ, asking whether everyone had a birthday. Someone was celebrating a wedding anniversary in the front rows. “27 years? Oi oi!” Do we have any divorce parties here tonight? she then inquired. She yelled along with the audience: “Liars, you! Ha ha!”



A few seconds into her rendition of the James Bond theme, Skyfall, she paused to call attention to a member of the audience who needed assistance before returning only after they were deemed ready. She heard another potential casualty near the end of the song and her voice became more intense. “Do you require aid? Do you want assistance or are you waving? You’re waving, oh!” She burst out laughing once more.

She once inquired as to if there were any Stranger Things viewers in attendance, and for a brief minute it appeared as though she was about to introduce Kate Bush, whose song Running Up That Hill has returned to the top after serving as the show’s unofficial theme song.

But no. Adele only wished to connect with the audience through the most recent series, the second half of which was made available the day of her performance. She jokingly said, “I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow, eating part two all night.”

Hopes are high among those who plan to see her on Saturday that she slept well enough to perform well the following night in Hyde Park. She doesn’t have any further shows scheduled after that until, presumably, Vegas. This performance demonstrated that her profoundly felt songs, piercing voice, and genuine presence may be enough to leave even the largest crowd with a pleasant glow as she puts the finishing touches on those plans.

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