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Aarya 2 Trailer: Don Sushmita Sen Redefines A “Working Mother” In This Crime Thriller Series: Latest Updates!!

Aarya 2 Updates: The trailer for Sushmita Sen’s has been released, and it continues the storey of the titular girl. Aarya planned to flee the country with her children after her husband was slain on her father’s instructions in the previous season. Aarya is now on the mob’s radar after being involved in several illegal businesses. The trailer implies that Aarya had indeed fled the country, but that she has returned and is sharpening her claws once more. Shekhawat’s (Manish Chaudhary) father, as well as her intimate brother, are seeking vengeance on her.

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Even the Russian mob is desperate to get their hands on her money. According to the trailer, Aarya will have to turn to violence once more in order to defend her household. Vikas Kumar reprises his role as ACP Khan. Season 1 ended on a cliff-hanger, and it appears like Season 2 will raise the stakes even higher. In addition to Sen, the current cast includes Sikander Kher, Chandrachur Singh, Namit Das, Jayant Kriplani, and Manish Choudhary.

“After being nominated for the International Emmy awards for the previous season, we are energised for the second season,” Sushmita said in a press release on Aarya’s comeback in Season 2. Season 2 is about more than Aarya, a formidable lady who is also a fighter. The new chapter features an intriguing character reveal that has proven to be a fantastic acting lesson for me. I pushed myself by dressing Aarya in a new avatar, and I hope that in the second season, people will embrace her powerful, unapologetic self.”The love and admiration we received following the publishing of the first season was incredible,” Madhvani said in a press release about the second season of Aarya.


“It made us want to create the second season with even more love and labour.” For the show’s fans, I’m pleased to take Aarya’s storey to the next level. She is forced to walk a fine line between protecting her family and seeking vengeance, and she faces obstacles at every turn.” Aarya was nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Best Drama Series category for the year 2021, directed by Ram Madhvani.Tehran, an Israeli collection, won the award. On December 10th, Aarya 2 will be released.

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