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A Major Step Is Taken By Commonwealth Games In The Race To Esports

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A Major Step Is Taken By Commonwealth Games In The Race To Esports

In the news about latest Sports news updates on, A Major Step Is Taken By Commonwealth Games In The Race To Esports. Read the full article to know about this news.

At the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham last weekend, an experiment was conducted to determine whether esports could coexist with more traditional sports like swimming and athletics.

In three separate electronic games—Rocket League, Dota2, and eFootball—about 100 players from 20 different Commonwealth countries competed for medals.

The trial was viewed as a success by most people.

According to Dame Louise Martin, head of the Commonwealth Games Federation, “In the future, this will be a sport inside the Games.”

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A Summary of Sports History


Esports’ emergence began in the early 1970s in the revered halls of Stanford University and was the unintentional creation of a group of Stanford students.

These early gamers had no idea that their actions would result in what would later be widely acknowledged as the first competitive gaming tournament for the game Spacewar.

Like me, who has promised to avoid social media, you probably have encountered this modern phenomenon, whether directly or indirectly through friends and/or family, as a result of technological advancements made and the great development that followed over the decades.

While some may argue that the sport happened to be in the right location at the right time, its success cannot be dismissed as a mere chance.

Esports, which were thought of as a niche sport at the start of the previous decade, has since grown to draw an estimated 500 million viewers and provide more than $1 billion in income in 2021 alone.

The fact that it has recently come under the close scrutiny of major sporting bodies like the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation should not come as a surprise to me or many others.

Should Multi-Sports Events Include Esports

A discussion about whether Esports should be included in multi-sport big events like the Commonwealth Games has erupted in some circles as a result of the remarkable growth of competitive video gaming.

It is well known that the Olympic Virtual Series, which took place last year in preparation for the Covid-19 postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and its wildly successful appearance as a demonstration event at the 2018 Asian Games have given the sporting world a peek of its potential.

The Global Esports Federation CEO, Paul J. Foster, expressed this view in the run-up to the event. Many people view the championships as a hugely significant step forward in the development of Esports.

Foster proclaimed, “This is historic; fans of all ages will soon be supporting some of the finest Esports athletes in the world as they earn gold for themselves and their nation.”

I am rapidly made aware, though, that there is still a long road to travel and some substantial obstacles to overcome in the eyes of decision-makers and the public when the first elation I had as a result of the event starts to fade.

Despite being acknowledged by a number of significant sporting bodies, there is an ongoing dispute regarding whether Esports can be considered a “genuine” sport in certain circles, and worries about the gratuitous violence that appears in video games continue to be a major issue.

Here is the complete sports news updates on, A major step is taken by commonwealth games in the race to esports. Please stay connected with us to know more about latest world news updates.


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