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A Dangerous Escape On The ‘Rescue Express’ During The Ukraine War:

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A Dangerous Escape On The ‘Rescue Express’ During The Ukraine War:

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Because of the Russian invasion, ten million people have fled their homes in Ukraine. The majority travel west to cities like Lviv, which are relatively safe, and many continue on to neighbouring nations.

Our correspondent Fergal Keane met some of the passengers aboard the “Rescue Express,” the 91/92 train that runs between Kyiv and Lviv.

The station tower’s air raid siren has just gone off: no bombs are falling, but nerves are straining. The guard instructs us to take refuge in the tunnel beneath the platform with the evacuees.

Thousands of people had gathered in a long line. We wait amid the nervous and fatigued, families comforting frightened youngsters, and an elderly woman wrapped in a blanket lugging luggage.

She appears to be unable to take another step. When the all-clear is given, she will trudge forward. This isn’t a place where you can make choices. If you don’t move forward, the conflict will catch up with you.

Then a horn goes out. A looming brilliance appears along the track to the east, and it grows larger as it approaches.

Another horn sounds, followed by the sound of a conductor’s whistle, which cuts through the din of the air raid sirens. The audience echoes with a whisper. They can board a train to Poland now that the all-clear has been given.

After over a month of reporting on migrants, I’ve coined the phrase “Rescue Express” to describe this amazing evacuation.

Ukraine: First Lady Olena Zelenska Condemns Russian ‘Mass Murder’

Millions of Ukrainians have travelled by train from Odesa on the Black Sea in the south, Kharkiv near the Russian border in the north, the Donbas, and Kyiv, as well as countless minor stations in between.

It has come at a high cost in terms of human lives: 33 railway workers have been slain. Bombs have been dropped on train tracks and stations.

Ievgen Propokenko, A 40-Year Railway Veteran, Is The Head Conductor On Train 91/92 Between Lviv And Kyiv:

He is from Kharkiv, which is currently under Russian assault, and where his daughter and son-in-law are also helping to keep the Rescue Express running.

He explains that trains run in his family. Only a few passengers are on board this service, which is travelling east back to the conflict.

I met Petro Rocharan, a 25-year-old investment banker who has volunteered to join a brigade guarding the city while sitting in a compartment before departure. Petro works as a scout.

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A Dangerous Escape On The 'Rescue Express' During The Ukraine War:

He has only been in the service for three weeks and is open about his feelings. “To be honest, I’m terrified. I’m sure Kyiv has been through a lot. I’m not sure I’m ready to see those buildings destroyed, including the streets where I’m heading and where some of my friends live “He clarifies.

Petro Describes Several Waves Of Emotion, Ranging From Terror To Joy And Back To Fear:

Just after daybreak, the train arrives in Kyiv, and Petro sets out in search of his battalion. New shifts of conductors, stewards, and drivers begin to arrive at the station.

Buses transporting families from the besieged cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, and Kyiv’s suburbs do the same. Oleg Kryvospytska, 59, has travelled from Troyeschchyna in Kyiv’s northern suburbs with his wife Olena, daughter Olga, 29, and granddaughters aged six and twelve.

Ukraine: First Lady Olena Zelenska Condemns Russian ‘Mass Murder’

Oleg, on the other hand, will not be accompanying them. He is obligated to remain at home and care for an elderly relative who is unable to travel. Olena says they’ll take the train to Lviv and spend a few days there before determining where they want to go in Europe.

“I don’t know what to say,” she says. “This is terrible, and I can’t believe it’s happening to me. To keep me peaceful, I’m currently taking sedatives every day, but even that isn’t working.”

As the moment to board the train comes, Oleg, a tall, well-built man, leans into his wife Olena. They wrap their arms around each other and swing gently from side to side. It’s a tale of strength and loss, based on their 30 years of marriage. He’ll do it.

Under Threat Of Russian Bombs, Lviv Hides Away Its Priceless Heritage:

Yes, of course. Regardless of how long it takes. The train accelerates.

The carriages travel west, past the suburbs, away from the front lines, and out into the vastness of Europe’s second-largest country, the horn blaring. It travels past wheat fields ready for spring planting, small and major towns, and out of the combat zone.

When The Rescue Express Arrives In Lviv, It Is After 22:00:

Olga and Olena, as well as the children, are in the first carriage, and the platform is dark. A conductor with a flash lamp appears and illuminates their path. The tired travellers gather their belongings and make their way to the station’s lights. They’ll take another train to Poland in a day or two.

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