The Sun Children

The Sun Children Released Date, Cast Info, Plot and Every Other Detail

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The sun is a 2020 Iranian drama film which is directed by Majid Majidi. It is produced by Majid Majidi and Amir Banan. Persian is the original language in Iran. The editor of this film Hassan Hassandoost and the cinematographer is Hooman Behamnesh. The music director of this movie is Ramin Kousha.

The screenplay for this film is done by Majid Majid and Nima Javidi. They have filmed this film in different places like Tehran and Iran. The sun is also named as Sun Children.

Release Date Of The Sun Children

This film was released on 10th February 2020 and its running time is up to 99 minutes. This film was nominated for many awards and also an award-winning film. This series has also received various acclaimed and good and positive responses and reviews from viewers and critics.

Cast and Characters Of The Sun Children

The Sun children

There are many cast and characters are there in this series they are Ali Nassitian as Hashem, Javad Ezzati as School Vice Principal, Tannaz Tabatabaei as Ali’s mother, Rouhollah Zamani as Ali, Shamila Shirzad as Zahra, Seyed Mohammed Mehdi Mousavi Fard as Mamad, Abolfazi Shirzad as Abolfazl, Mani Ghafouri as Reza, Safar Mohammad as School Janitor, Ali Ghabeshi as School Principal and many other characters are also included.

Plot Of The Show

This film is based on school children where 12-year-old Ali and his friends do small jobs and cute crimes to live and to support their families.

But once the turn of events, Ali is entrusted to find the hidden underground treasure at that time he was in order to gain access to the tunnel where that the treasure is buried.

The one good thing that Ali and his gang gave the first to enroll at the near sun school and have the charitable institution that tries to educate and help the street kids and the child laborers.


This film was nominated for the Fair International Film Festival on the date of 11th February 2020. It was nominated for the category of Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best set design. Fortunately, it won the award for all the three categories.

I hope fans will be satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates.

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